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Let the Arabs cough up the change to keep it going instead of US taxpayers, it would mean less money going to fund the jihad, that is, if the show’s name isn’t changed to “Sharia Simsim”. KGS

Palestinian Sesame Street ails without US funds

The iconic children’s program, known as “Sharaa Simsim” in Arabic, has been put on hold for the 2012 season because of a funding freeze by the U.S. Congress.

Sharaa Simsim is one of many U.S.-funded Palestinian programs suffering after Congress froze the transfer of nearly $200 million to the U.S. Agency for International Development in October. The suspension aimed to punish the Palestinians for appealing to the United Nations for statehood.

The funding suspension—affecting hospitals, education, and government ministries that all rely on American aid—is breeding resentment and frustration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, even among the most progressive organizations.

In the Ramallah offices of Sharaa Simsim on Thursday, the writing workshop room was empty and the set was closed.

“If we had funding, we would be writing scripts, we would be reviewing scripts, we would be hiring filmmakers to produce the videos,” said executive producer Daoud Kuttab.

Even as the freeze put Palestinian Sesame Street on hold, the State Department is investing $750,000 in the Israeli version of the show, which is now filming its newest season with an emphasis on teaching children the value of fairness.


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  1. Let them get the money from their buddies in UNESCO, Europe, and the Arab League.

  2. WRT: “… if the show’s name isn’t changed to Sharia Simsim.”

    That is already the show’s name; Sharia in Arabic also means “street” or “way” (hence its use as a name for religious law: “The Way”, “The Path”).

    It’s spelled a little differently in this English transliteration because the word is pronounced a bit differently in colloquial Palestinian Arabic.

  3. Close. Shara’a means street. Sharia’ means path or way. Both words derive from the same root. In any event, this is a most unfortunate development. Now we are using our misguided politics to affect young children–who could be learning tolerance from watching Sesami Street. Our blind support for Israel is cauing us to become part of the problem instead of the solution.

    1. Your blind support for genocide supporting arabs blinds you to the fact of Arabs brainwashing of their young with Jew hatred and murder through children programming. Besides, let the Arabs pay for their own programming, stop sucking at the US teat. Al they get in return are Arabs dancing in the streets saying just how much they hate us.

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