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YLE’s circumcision vid for kids is gone.

It’s official, YLE says it’s the job of the state broadcaster to pummel kids’ minds with multiculturalism, even though its widely held as a miserable failure. They end up taking the segment in question off their web site, but they still insist that what they’re doing is great work! KGS 

NOTE:  A friend notes: As for the Iltalehti article, it states that a Caucasian boy, possibly Jewish, talks about circumcision with his Mom before the operation:

“Valkoihoinen, mahdollisesti juutalainen poika keskustelee äitinsä kanssa ennen ympärileikkausta”.

How on Earth could the boy be Jewish? (Turned into Jewish out of ignorance or not wanting to use, due to PC, the word Muslim?) According to Judaism circumcision, barring medical reasons etc., takes place when the baby is seven days old – and please correct me now if I’m wrong. Does the boy in the program/picture in the article look to anyone like being a one week old baby (who can already walk and talk — and even already wears glasses)?

Circumcision in children’s program

Yle cans sensational episode
Sunday 01.01.2012 at 22.02 (updated at 22.18)

The Spanish origin of Asha in the series deals with a variety of cultures and customs.

Iltalehti: […] YLE’S children and youth programs manager, Teija Rantala, says that the segment on circumcision had by Sunday evening at the latest 15 comments. According to her, YLE is by no means encouraging the mutilation, but to understand the ways of other cultures.

– The series is warm hearted, emphasizing children’s friendship. The idea is that the main characters, are children coming from different cultures, and although their habits are different, the children can be friends. The ways of other cultures need not take a back seat, says Rantala.

– The intention is to point out that the children can run into the customs and beliefs that are alien to them. YLE’s task is to encourage multicultural understanding.

As a result of the negative feedback, it was decided by YLE on Sunday to take the segment away from distribution, it will no longer be seen, for example at YLE Arena, where other sections of the program are still visible.


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  1. The same cultural relativist insanity that has Sweden in its grip is raising its ugly head in Finland. This has to be stopped before it really takes root. As unpleasant at it is, it seems that a vote for the Perussuomalaiset party is going to be necessary.

  2. Let me know when they get to the Aztec human sacrifices and the Pharaonic brother/sister marriage, that will be a good program to watch.

  3. Jewish boys are circumcised on the 8th day~in Israel, our days begin and end at sunset so the count is made accordingly. It is a beautiful ceremony and of course there is also a big celebration! Muslim boys on the other hand are frequently circumcised as a right of passage into puberty. I’m all for educating, but only if what is being taught is the truth…fat chance of that happening any time soon!

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