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Another loon clergyman

He’s also a big supporter of the Arabs and believes that their jihad against the West is justified. (pictured front and center)

H/T Fluffi, via the New English Review

Anglican Pastor Calls Out Rev. Stephen Sizer 

Rev. Nick Howard writes at Harry’s Place:

The word ‘racist’ probably brings to mind a skinhead with a snarling face. But this image can blind us to the presence of well-spoken racists in very respectable jobs, who can capitalise on their social status to inflict more serious long-term damage than their counterparts on the streets. A prime example of this is one of my fellow Anglicans, Rev Stephen Sizer, vicar of  Christ Church Virginia Water. It hardly needs saying that I would only make such a serious charge on the basis of convincing evidence, and having already pursued the official means of complaint without success.

On October 4th Rev Sizer posted a link on his Facebook page to a website called ‘The Ugly Truth’. The website doesn’t even attempt to conceal its anti-Semitism. It recently greeted its visitors with the Jew-as-Dracula cartoon reproduced below.

Jewish people have been characterised as metaphorical and literal blood-suckers for hundreds of years – and have frequently been slaughtered as a result. It’s not hard to see why ‘The Ugly Truth’ selected this cartoon to illustrate its vile scaremongering about ‘Global Zionism with its Exploitative Financial Institutions, National Debts and Permanent Wars’. But this cartoon is no one-off, as demonstrated by the other images below – which if anything are even more appalling. The entire purpose of this website is to demonstrate that ‘Zionism [is] making our world uninhabitable today’. It charges the Jews with:

‘The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The daily murder of Palestinian children “for sport”. Harvesting organs from Gentiles at gunpoint. Economic exploitation/ruination. De-moralizing entire swaths of civilization through unchallenged Jewish domination of the media. The complete corruption of every political office from the president to the town dog catcher.’

TT: Here’s a video of the ignoramus dhimmi anti-Semite ‘Rev’.Stephen Sizer explaining jihad as predominantly being an “inside struggle” supposedly like the apostle Paul explains in Timothy 1, fighting the good faith. He calls it “Christian Jihad”. He then goes on to state that violent jihad ”is relatively a new phenomenon”, and ‘‘that the West deserves the jihadi violence due to their policies.”

Well the ignorant anti-Semite vicar has his ‘facts’ all wrong about jihad, as Dr.Andrew Bostom shows us in a recent post (as well as in his excellent book, The Legacy of Jihad)

Andy: For Mr Usmani, “the question is whether aggressive battle is by itself commendable or not.” “If it is, why should the Muslims stop simply because territorial expansion in these days is regarded as bad? And if it is not commendable, but deplorable, why did Islam not stop it in the past?” He answers his own question as follows: “Even in those days . . . aggressive jihads were waged . . . because it was truly commendable for establishing the grandeur of the religion of Allah.” Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practice Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.

Usmani explodes the myths that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking, or that this living institution is somehow irrelevant to our era.

The Tundra Tabloids challenges anyone who believes that jihad is mainly about ‘inner struggle’ or a relatively new phenomenon, to read Andrew’s book on jihad, and then explain in detail where he gets it wrong. Or better yet, challenge him to a debate on the subject. In other words, put up or shut up. KGS

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  1. how can that man even think he is a Christian, making pallid excuses for murder and misogyny?

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