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‘Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light,’

A few words from the TT over this comment.

Special apologies to all you Catholics out there that follow these pages, but the utterance of your pope goes way beyond the pale. He’s attacking capitalism while he should only be reminding his flock to look deeper within themselves during the Christmas season to find their own personal meaning for the holiday.

It’s not the free market’s fault for the flock’s falling away, perhaps it has something to do with the pedophilia of the men chosen as its priests, and the covering up of that fact and their deeds, that is far more troubling to people than buying a camera or a mink coat for a loved one.

It’s hard not to choke on the words of someone living in the lap of luxury, waited on hand and foot by people coming and going at his beck and call, in a gold glittered palace(s) paid for by the people who subsidize his upkeep by money they’ve earned working  hard in the free market place he now besmirches.

Without free market capitalism, we would see a world in a far more desperate situation, with rampant (REAL) poverty the world over and tens of millions dying daily, and with no hope to save them. That’s the free economic miracle of capitalism, the raising of the standard of living for billions of people the world over, something that people who have never created wealth, and  living off the “good will” of others, have trouble comprehending.

Most folks would agree that enduring one day of glitter at Christmas, is far better than enduring blistering dirt poor poverty 365 days of the year. KGS

Pope Benedict condemns ‘superficial glitter’ that surrounds Christmas as he calls for an end to bloodshed around the world during mass at St Peter’s 


Last updated at 1:29 PM on 25th December 2011

DAILY MAIL: Pope Benedict XVI called for an end to the bloodshed in Syria and the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in his Christmas message today, an appeal for peace that was challenged by deadly attacks on two Nigerian churches.

He made the plea the morning after Christmas celebrations got underway with a midnight mass service at a packed St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

The Pontiff used his Christmas ceremonies to condemn the ‘superficial glitter’ that now imbues the holiday.

He urged the faithful to discover its true meaning and remember the ‘child in the stable’ instead of being consumed by the commercial side of Christmas.

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  1. Alas, the very rhetoric of the Vatican still mirrors the core business of Roman-Catholicism, (and by extent of just about any other religion), namely professing that “there can be no morality without religion”, and to make the broader layers of society swallow this wholesale without thinking about it, in order to make the general public “return to the flock.” And of course, it is exactly this core tenet of religion that raises the ill-conceived standards of moral self-righteousness so high that religion cannot escape the shame of its innate hypocrisy in the long run. It is all fine and neat to go rallying against cynical neo-liberal hyperconsumerism, but the Catholics in particular seem to forget that once they had a complete grasp on impoverished rural areas all over Europe, which suited their own purposes to a tee: namely to keep the majority of peasants subdued with religious morality above all others, and to safeguard their own interests, keeping the lower classes pacified with the standard moral guilt trip should they decide to stray from the “right path.” And in many cases, the Vatican benefited directly from the moral uniformity they subjugated people to: people were made to believe they could even buy their ultimate absolution before God with large sums of money or donating a small amount in the local church collection box every week !!!!

    And this is exactly the reason why Calvinists and Lutherans (among others) stood up to set the Reformation in motion. (and they weren’t collectively called “protestants” for no particular reason, were they ?) Whereas I am an atheist, I am also aware of the course of European Reformation history and its particular consequences with regards to democratisation and secularisation : the Reformation has led to the defragmentation of the Roman-Catholic moral monopoly in Europe and was necessary – by way of unavoidable militant struggle – to let Europe evolve to greater pluralism, and in the long run, a judicial system that became fully secularised to guarantee the rights of all, irrespective of personal belief. No papal authority has the right to lay a guilt trip on the common people for supposedly “idolising the cynical materialism” the Roman-Catholic Church itself used to feed on (and still feeds on to a lesser degree today) and with which it bought the resources to make damn sure they kept the larger strata of society in check.

    Effing disgraceful !

  2. Contrast the Popes message with the following quoted excerpt from Chai Today (Chabad Jewish viewpoint), “Take Wall Street, Please – Rethinking Capitalism, OWS and 7B” by Tzvi Freeman:

    “From where I’m looking right now, capitalism is good. Very good.
    Look at the historical facts: Before commerce, industry and finance began to blossom, children were lucky to live past six years, the average life span was between 25-30 years, all but a small minority lived at bare susbsistence levels or less, education was for the elite, and violent death, torture and barbarity was not something you watched on television, but witnessed firsthand on a frequent basis – whether in the name of warfare, crime, justice or entertainment.
    Capitalism has been a – if not the – major force in diminishing war between nations and creating tolerance between peoples. It has allowed literally billions more people to share the planet and — percentage-wise – at a much greater standard of living. Today, thanks to capitalism, each year 70 million people leave hand-to-mouth living to become consumers-by-choice — and poverty rates are expected to continue their sharp decline. Without capitalism, democracy would never have proven successful, medicine could never have advanced, worldwide humanitarian efforts would be absurd and I would never have been able to compose this editorial and get it out to you so fast. I’ll go further: Capitalism is not just “the best we got.” Capitalism is inherently good. Because capitalism, at its essence, is saying “just as the earth can produce value and share that value with others, so too the human being,.” Capitalism empowers each one of us. . . .”

    The writer goes on to discuss what went wrong with capitalism and how it should be.

    1. Thanks WTD, that was really informative. Capitalism is the most moral economic system ever devised, and it pains me to see people who should know better, trashing it.

  3. Sorry, but did he even say the word “capitalism”??? He is condemning exactly what everybody condemns. Everybody going on crazy rampages to get what they want, forgetting what Christmas (to Christians) is really about. The pope is neither with complete full blown capitalism, but definitely not with communism, especially the pope that came before, Pope John Paul II. The Catechism I believe speaks about the “economic” beliefs of the church. Capitalism is cool, he was not discussing that AT ALL. (unless I missed smthg??) He was just attacking the “omg omg I need 300 presents while kids around the world die of hunger, and I don’t know who Jesus is, but I want all of Santa’s gifts” kind of spirit with many Christians. We must have understood it in two different ways. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
    p.s. I don’t think anybody should apologize for anything. It is your opinion, and as long as you express it respectfully, nobody but sissies would get offended. I can’t and don’t want to change your OPINION, but would gladly discuss FACTS that might have been wrongly understood, either by you, or me!
    @Anathematic Action…. are you talking about Indulgences?
    In one sentence: Instead of a person giving money to his neighbor as penance, he would give it to the Church, the ONLY entity that ran charities, hospitals, “schools”, “food programs”, etc… since the church was in need of money, they decided to encourage this, which would basically later end up with the poor that are taken care of only by the church anyway. (Of course, it would end up with corrupt priests or bishops too. Alas, none is perfect. I too wish I could kick every corrupt catholic’s ass… up to the highest rank… but the world ain’t just!) 🙂 I know nuns who literally plunge their hands in toilets to clean them just cause everybody else refuses to do so… but I also know priests who drive Mercedes!! Sad world.

    1. It’s exactly what he’s talking about, free market capitalism. there may be some extra glitter during the season, but its not to blame for any detracting from the season’s real meaning, its the Left’s assault on Christianity that’s to blame.

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