Iraq Muslim persecution of Christians



Dear Christians in the West, when was the last time you heard your pastor speak of your co-religionists in Muslim lands being picked off like sheep in a slaughterhouse?

Folks, to clue you in on just how disingenuous the OIC and other individual Muslim leaders are when they express anguish over the “defamation of religions”, just remember that they never ever speak about the ethnic/religious cleansing going on in their own Muslim lands. They will never tell you the accurate factual history of how the Levant and Maghreb were Islamized and Arabized, they just point to cartoons being published and cry and moan like little children while they put the blade to the throats of Christians and other religious groups.

Don’t be fooled, the OIC’s campaign of being against “defamation of religions” is just about protecting Islam from criticism. Remember, it’s never defamation when they do it.

From Vlad:

This is part of the story. Please click through here to Raymond Ibrahim’s site for the whole article.

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