What’s needed is competence, not quotas. This is racism in reverse, pure and simple. KGS

Swedish fire service sued over affirmative action

Södertörn’s fire department, just south of Stockholm, is being sued for actively choosing to hire women and people with foreign background, according to Sveriges Radio (SR). The fire deparment’s gender and ethnicity quota became an unpleasant surprise for Simon Wallmark, who was informed that despite having trained as a firefighter, he was not encouraged to apply for a summer job, on account of being Swedish and male. “The response I got from Södertörn was that I wasn’t qualified to apply for the summer jobs, because the jobs were reserved for women and people with an immigrant background,” said Simon Wallmark to SR.

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  1. Ethnic cleansing Oslo
    10-15 cars burnt

    All cars belonged to Norwegians, in the area Groruddalen, from where Norwegians are fleeing.

    Looks like a warzone

    One of the persons who recently left Groruddalen and installed his family at a new area farther away from Oslo, happened to be camping at this area during the night, on his way to vacation. Waking up to the news he went to take a look. Car owners in dispair, were eagerly talking about the presence of muslims in the Groruddalen valley.


    Of course, this is something Swedes have known for years now, as have the French. But this is Norway, which now really is seeing the same change coming to their country.

    Pakistani woman also leaving Groruddalen

    Didn’t want her children to be part of a “social experiment”

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