The Tundra Tabloids despises the mindset that allows for greater intrusion by the state into the private affairs of the citizen. Yes there are of course exceptions to the rule, the setting up of road blocks due to escaped prisoners for an example, or demanding identification from people during a heightened terrorist alert, but those inconveniences pale in comparison to the “sting operations” the Finnish state sets up for its citizens on a regular basis.

The pulling over of a motorist without probable cause just to see if the driver is by chance under the influence of alcohol, is allowed under Finnish law, and in the opinion of the TT, it’s a gross violation of one’s civil rights. The police of course are just “doing their job”, so the TT places the blame for such gross intrusions of privacy by the state, on the state itself.
This can only take place in a society in which the soft tyranny of a runaway government is taken for granted. The people, having already been softened up by decades of mindless socialism, have acquiesced their civil rights away to the state that they foolishly trust to take care of them.
The state, which continuously seeks to enlarge its role of authority in the private sector, no longer fears the citizenry’s reaction to their ever increasing power grabs, the citizenry take each future violation by the state of their individual liberties with passive eye, or even applaud while they’re doing it.
Folks, this is how Europe has gotten to the crossroad where it stands, through decades of doughy headed socialism, where the citizen ( or drone*) serves the state. Socialism, of both strains, Marxist and Nationalist socialism, has drained Europe much of its common sense that was responsible for its great acheivements.
Socialism makes sheep out of the people and then shears them from their civil liberties. The Finnish state forcibly shoves plastic tubes into their mouths in the hope of finding a miniscule number of them to be in violation of a law, and the people just shrug their shoulders and blow. How disgusting is that? KGS
* Drone, a term Mark Levin uses in describing a willfull slave to the state.
A traffic safety unit of the Helsinki police held six motorists for driving under the influence during a road surveillance exercise late Friday night. Half of the motorists detained had been driving under the influence of drugs. The roadblock also held one person with an outstanding arrest warrant, who was later remanded to prison. An additional five drunk drivers were held in other police operations. The drunk driving sting ran breathalyzer tests on a total of 1700 motorists Friday night. The operation focused on areas thought to have the greatest risk of road accidents.

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