Richard Järnefelt: I can’t help but sticking it to the Jews,
I hate the Zionist state and its Jewish self determination
See how it works folks, European anti-Semites refuse Jewish self determination (read = Zionism) though they defend that same right for all other peoples and groups, it’s just the Jews they want to see helpless and dependent upon the good graces of others.
The man in the above picture is Richard Järnefelt, a Finn who comes from a very famous Finnish-Swedish family line synonymous with music in Finland. The great Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, married into the Järnefelt family, and so when the family name Järnefelt crops up, it becomes a matter of public interest.
This Järnefelt however, outside of his musical accomplishments, continues to besmirch the family name with his appetite for anti-Semitism which he disguises in his so called “criticism” of the Jewish state of Israel. This guy crosses all the boundaries of what could considered legitimate criticism, choosing to wallow in the mire of over the top anti-Semitic tirades against the Jewish state.
He has earlier compared Israel with the Nazis, so has Erkki Tuomioja (another unrepentant anti-Semite) as well as lamenting the very founding of the Jewish state he wishes that it had never happened. For  anti-Semites like Järnefelt, a helpless Jew is the preferable Jew, and damn them if the take measures to protect themselves.
According to anti-Semites like Järnefelt, Jews are only able to operate according to the rules that these Euopean bigots make up for them, if they break these special, like actively pursuing their own self defense, these anti-Semites will scream bloody murder. Read Charles Krauthammer’s article about just that in the Washington Post.
Järnefelt is the quintessential “philo-Semitic” anti-Semite, he actually believes himself to be philo-Semitic all the while behaving in such a way that he is indistinguishable in his loathing for the Jewish state as is Hamas. Anti-Semites like him are the most dangerous, for they give exude a false innocent persona while holding darker thoughts couched in clever language. In short, they’re snakes.
In his latest anti-Semitic screed against Israel, Järnefelt first reminds us of his early  efforts in getting 20 young men from the Soviet Union into Israel, which he cleverly uses as a shield to cover his present day anti-Semitism.”I can’t be an anti-Semite if I had at one time helped Jews” so goes the thinking, but in fact, he’s only deluding himself.
As the Tundra Tabloids has pointed out before to Järnefelt (to which he closed his eye’s) he’s a serial transgressor of the EU’s own working definition of what constitutes anti-Semitism:
Denying the Jewish people their right to self­determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.
•Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
He has done this on repeated occasions, and does so now in his latest article about “Getting Rid of Israel“. The man is sick, an anti-Semite and representative of the anti-Semitic elites that have ruined Europe and help prolong the anti-Semitic war being waged against the Jewish state of Israel.  And he does this all while believing he’s friendly towards Jews. What a arse and a moron, as well as being a crappy piano player. KGS

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