A Look Into LGF’s Psycho Lizard Lounge: a Proper Tour…….

Charles Johnson’s
 Nightmare world


Kudos to the Religion of Peace for the intial embed! “Yes, yes we know. This is horribly off-topic – and we do try to stay out of the blog wars. Still, as former fans of Little Green Football founder Charles Johnson, this is just too clever to ignore.”

UPDATE: LGF removes link to Pajamas Media. MELTDOWN COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm so disappointed my site was left off the poster! Ah well.

    I think Der LizardFuhrer finally found out I was linking to you, GoV, Atlas, Jihad Watch and a few of the other thought criminals..but I can't be sure, since he lacked the class to respond when I e-mailed him.

    It's really too bad. Charles used to a contender if you know what I mean.


    Rob @ Joshuapundit

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