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Israeli Comedy Group Latma Lampoons Swedish Foreign Minister "Jorgen Jorgensen"…….

The anti-Semitic governments in Scandinavia 
have met their match 

Norway is following Swedens Antisemitic lead. The Norwegian governments pension fund just sold its stock in Israels Elbit defense contractor due to Elbits provision of electronic monitors for the separation fence.
This latest move seems to be part of a general trend towards anti-Semitism in Scandinavia in the aftermath of the publication of the anti-Semitic blood libel in Swedens Aftonblodet mass circulation tabloid last month. Latma studios host once again the Swedish Foreign Minister “Jorgen Jorgensen”.

H/T Ilya Meyer    :

“From the sublime to the ridiculous. Ridicule is a really healthy medicine. Like the swine flu vaccine, however, there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it around.”

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  1. Very good; it just goes to emphasise the simple truth that the only healthy response to stupidity is ridicule it.

  2. Great! Great! GREAT!!!!!

    We, in Israel, soldiers and parents of soldiers, educate our children to repect humanity. The problem is that the humans facing us do not operate in human ways although pretending to do so.

    Look all aroud us. Who is comitting most terror around the world? Which groups are killing civilians by the thousands?

    Which groups have rocketed Israel with thousands of rockets before our latest attack on Gaza?

    And yet we are blamed for defending our homes, children and families.


  3. It is NOT an antisemitic decision! It is NOT a decision done against jewish people or the jewish religion! This is a decision based upon the fact that illegal settlements should not be supported, neither with words nor money. It is the state of Israels pollitic that is the reason and the target for this boycot. And this does not give youe the ability to say that the Norwegian or the swedish countries are antisemitic.. If you continue this narrow minded way of thinking then you soon will be left with no friends.. It is not very flattering for us that you call us antisemitic. I have been to Hebrew univerwoty in Jerusalem myself. And I was called an antisemit, the students called my country antisemitic.. What on earth do you base your arguments upon??

    Greetings from Norway-

  4. hey ingrid,

    nobody cares about norway

    if it wasnt for your jew hating leaders, nobody would even know you exist

    so stuff your yap with swedish meatballs

    oh, and the next time fascists try and take over your country…dont come runnin to america to help you

    we wont

    but we will take all your hot women and stick them in bikinis for our beer commercials

  5. Ingrid, you're in denial. Norway is a petri dish of fake humanitarianism. Your country has been ruled by the Left of Left for far too long, with your biased media helping to promote Norwegian self importance to absurd levels.

    You people shed your crocodile tears for dead Jews of the Holocaust while helping today's Islamonazis finish the job.

    Your country seeks to chair the international chair for the promotion of Holocaust awareness ect., at the same time you celebrate Nazi Knut Hamsun and name streets after him. What a joke.

    While not all Norwegans fit the cast, an enormous amount of you fellow countrymen do, they are nothing more than humanitarian racists and bigots who refuse to hold certain 3rd world peoples and ethnic groups to the same moral standards tehy expect from everyone else.

    It's a reverse racism that's founded on a perverse sense of humanitarianism. You deem the Arabs to be nothing more than animals. So what you say if the Arabs shout "death to the Jews", that's just their kind of discourse in that neck of the woods."

    You hold Israel to ridiculous standards that no Christian European would dare adhere to, while wagging your finger in hypocritical arrogance. You say Israel doesn't adhere to international law, but never seem able to point exactly where they are in violation of it. Vagueness and disingenuous ankle biting is the way of the "humanitarians" of the north, and its wearing thin.

    The last straw for me was Mads Gilbert and Fosee and their fake recussitating efforts on an already dead or fake dead body of a small boy.

    The Norwegian media's thunderous applause for these to hacks sealed it for me, you are all for the most part, a highly corrupt people and fake humanitarians, and anti-Semites to boot.


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