Canada Honour killing

Canada: Shocking Muslim Mass Honor Murders…….

Muslim honor murders again

Rona Mohammed and her daughters would
one day end up in the bottom of a lake

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The Kingston Whig-Standard, July 23, 2009
By Rob Tripp and Paul Schliesmann

Kingston Police have arrested at least three people in connection with the mysterious deaths of four Montreal women found in a submerged car in Kingston Mills June 30.

Police sources confirmed the dramatic development in the case, 22 days after a black Nissan Sentra was found in roughly three metres of water near one of the four locks.

Three teenage sisters were found dead in the car, Zainab Shafi, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13, along with a 50-year-old woman, Rona Amir Mohammed.

La Presse newspaper in Montreal said three people who were heading to Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport were arrested yesterday morning.

Initially, police said the case was suspicious but that they had not found evidence of foul play.

It’s not clear what charges are being laid, but The Whig-Standard learned that Kingston Police have been investigating, for at least two weeks, the allegation that the deaths were an honour killing.

“We are convinced that this is a crime of honour,” Diba Masoomi told Kingston Police, in an email sent to the police chief’s office roughly two weeks ago.

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  1. I have a similar story which happened a while back in the municipality of Ghent. (Belgium)

    In November 2004, a Turkish man, Osman Calli, killed his wife Hacer and his own sister Teslime, in the city of Ghent. Then he went 20 miles southeast to the town of Aalst, where he killed his former girlfriend, Wendy Blendeman (a Flemish woman and mother of his 8-year old son) He also tried to kill the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend, Henri De Cooman, who received a bullet in the chest. (but he survived)

    Last but not least, he committed a carjacking and forced the female driver to drive back to Ghent, where he shot a Turkish man, Erbey Biçer, whom he suspected to have had an affair with his wife. As a consequence, the man got paralysed for the rest of his life and served as a prosecution witness in Osman Calli's court case in December 2008. (the man actually had no ties whatsoever with Calli's family, as was established during the trial) Osman Calli, who remained defiant and absolutely unrepentant to the very end, got a life prison sentence.

    But here's the really important bit: the Belgian media is actually very apt at sweeping such stories under the carpet. Which explains why the foreign media never report of such things when they start happening here. Only if you are Belgian and read the MSM regularly would you know about it. Second of all, the Belgian media has always reported on the matter as a 'frenzied attack' rather than 'an honor killing'. They full well know it has all the hallmarks of an honor killing, but they think the truth is 'just about too big to handle' for the general public.

    Chances are, you may well here more of this type of things coming from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands or any other European or Western country I know of than from Belgium !

  2. This story raged throughout the Canadian news media all day yesterday (7/23/09). It is still being covered. Murders like this are very rare in Canada, Muslim or otherwise.

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