Breaking: Saudi Princess Gets Asylum in UK for Fear of Execution for Infidelity…….

Where’s Human Rights Watch
when you need them?

King Abdullah II:
They (HRW) were just here,
trashing Israel for big bucks

If Israel had a standing warrant for an Arab that would result in his/her execution, you had better believe that every anti-Israel critic would be up-in-arms over it, with a plethora of EU states demanding the warrant to be rescinded, with options of boycotting if the Israelis refused.But we must be reminded that the humanitarian racists that parade themselves as “humanitarians” would never be so bold and daring as to judge a 3rd world Arab/Muslim nation in much the same way it heaps contempt upon Israelis on a daily basis. KGSH/T: GaiaSaudi princess given asylum in UK over fears
she faces execution for having illegitimate child with British lover

A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has been granted asylum here after claiming she would face the death penalty if she returned to her country. The woman, who is married to a member of the Saudi royal family has been granted anonymity and was given refugee status after she told a judge her affair made her liable to death by stoning. She also feared the possibility of an honour killing.She met her English boyfriend during a visit to London and became pregnant by him the following year.Fearful of her elderly husband’s reaction, she returned to the UK to give birth in secret.The arrangement is one of a number of claims for asylum brought by Saudi Arabian citizens which are not openly acknowledged by either government, according to the Independent newspaper.The secrecy is thought to exist so as not to highlight the persecution of women in Saudi Arabia as this would be viewed as open criticism of the House of Saud and create embarrassment for both governments.The woman was granted permanent leave to remain in the UK after the Immigration and Asylum tribunal allowed her appeal.She told the court she feared she and her baby would face flogging and stoning to death under Sharia law if they returned home.Stoning is a technique used on married people convicted of adultery. The majority of executions are carried out by beheading in a public square.Adulterers in the Gulf state can also face punishment by hanging or beheading.There were at least 102 executions of men and women last year and according to human rights group Amnesty International, there are at least 136 people awaiting execution. Since 1990, 40 women have been executed.Amnesty reported last year that one woman was currently facing the possibility of execution by stoning for adultery. She had been married to a Saudi who had died six years earlier. The woman was held in 2005 after giving birth to a girl.

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