Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan Torture UAE

The Nabulsi Tapes are Finally Aired: Real Torture in UAE by Barbarian Sheikh…….

Muslim Arab torture in the raw

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan:
Torture? No, it’s our way of life!

In July of 08′, the Tundra Tabloids ran the story of Texas businessman Bassam Nabulsi, who came into the possession of tapes showing Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, brother to the crown prince of the U.A.E, torturing an Afghan business partner, Mohammed Shah Poor. At the time of the TT’s blog post, Bassam Nabulsi had a lawsuit against the Sheikh for wrongful imprisonment and for initiating torture against him through prison guards, in an attempt to retrieve the video tapes that showed the sheikh torturing his former business partner.

Bassam Nabulsi was incarcerated in the U.A.E. prison for three months on a trumped up drug charge concocted at the behest of Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and during which time the US citizen’s family was threatened by the sheikh, who said he would kill them if he failed to hand over the tapes. He was eventually acuited of the drug charges and made his way back to the US. Read Nabulsi’s accounting of the whole story here.

Now the tapes have been reveiled in an ABC News’ “Nightline” segment, that shows the brutality of the man torturing Pool by “shooting an M-16 into the ground in front of where Poor was kneeling, stuffing sand into his mouth, sticking nails repeatedly into his buttocks, whipping him with a board containing nails, repeatedly kicking his head, whipping his buttocks until they bled, pouring salt onto his wounds, pouring lighter fluid onto his scrotum and lighting it on fire, sticking a cattle prod up his anus, and running over him with Sheikh Issa’s Mercedes SUV.”

Debbie Schlussel takes note that:

Incredibly, ABC News anchor Terry Moran–brother of liberal pseudo-conservative hack blogger and Islamo-apologist Rick Moran–has the utter gall to compare this real torture to America’s “torturing” (which is nothing close to this) of no more than three Islamic terrorists–including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah–who were bent on our destruction.

Brian, that is a shocking investigation, especially as our own country is engaged in a wrenching debate on torture.”

You Schmuck. We never did anything like this to terrorists. This is inhumane. And this man is a grain farmer, not a terrorist. That this Terry Moron has the nerve to compare our legitimate use of mild discomfort to find out terrorist plots against Americans, to the near-murder of a grain farmer is just plain sickening. This farmer miraculously survived, but he spent months in the hospital with massive internal injuries. We never did that–or anything close to that–to the terrorists we interrogated, who actually deserved it far more.

U.A.E. Torture is a website devoted to the incident, and deserves a thorough read for anyone interested, and disgusted at Western personalities, whether they be Hollywood actors, professional sports celebrities or politicians, enjoying the sun and surf of a country that is ruled by cut throats like that. Believe me, this thing runs deep, and is one of the reasons why no Arab state ever voiced disapproval over Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime, because they all do it. KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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  1. Dude are you seriously justifying the torture in Guantanamo based on the assumption of those people are terrorists ? Have you seen any evidence other than what you see in mainstream media ? You brainwashed retards sitting on your stupid asses talking about countries you can’t even show the location on the map. Fix your own country first, then you can start fixing the rest of the world.

    U.A.E. at least doesn’t have a so called democracy

  2. Hey Dude, are you really trying to say harsh treatments to certain select “high profile” al-Qiada types is comparable to what the sadistic sheikh was caught doing on film? Are you serious?

  3. ” It’s a terrorist, if my government says so, and I’m ok with torturing them because they’re fuckin terrorists “. Sounds like you have a point m8.

  4. Funny how easy it is to get someone confess using brute force, or forge a confession, and even funnier how no one can explain why NORAD failed to put a single jet on air for 2 hours. And you know what is the funniest part ? There is still no answer to the thermate remains ( a chemical used in detonations ) found in ground zero, or the 7th building collapsed without being hit. Yet they were able to come up with a list of losers, while the real criminals are enjoying the war profits. The 9/11 commission report was a joke. “Democracy” in US is a joke. That’s why you need to start diggin your countrys own shit before moving on to other parts of the world. Get your head out of your ass m8 !

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