Sweden: Iranians Protesting Iran Regime and Embassy Staff in Malmö…….

A few get hauled off by the police

Where’s the dialogue police when you need them?H/T Baron BodisseyProtesters arrested at Malmö anti-Iran demo

Several people were arrested by police at a demonstration against the Iranian regime held in Malmö on Thursday morning. A group of demonstrators began to gather outside Katrinelunds Folkets Hus in Malmö at around 8am this morning and around 20 police officers were deployed to monitor the situation.

The protest was directed against the Iranian regime and against embassy staff visiting the city to give “consular assistance” to an Iranian citizen.

The demonstrators argued however that the embassy staff were in Malmö to spy on Iranian refugees and their families in Sweden and to develop an “Iranian spy network” in the country.

The demonstrators called on Sweden to take a tougher official stance on Iran and the alleged activities of the embassy staff.

When the embassy personnel arrived at the address chaos broke out, according to news agency TT. Several demonstrators attempted to prevent the staff from entering the building.

When several of the demonstrators broke through the police cordon they were arrested.

NOTE: The Baron assures me that he’ll have the video of the protest uploaded before long. Swedish Sydsvenskan has this video up if you can view it.

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