Seven Muslim Terrorists Arrested in Dutch Terror Plot…….

If not for a phone call, murder and mayhem
would have struck Amsterdam

An anonymous phone call tipped the Dutch police about a planned terrorist attack on stores in the center of Amsterdam. Details are sketchy, but at least one of the bombs was to be placed in an Ikea furniture store. All of those arrested were Muslims, and contrary to the headline given to the following story, it was relative of one of the bombers in the Madrid bombing, that broke the story to the police, thus foiling the attack. KGSAmsterdam police foils terror attack on shopping mall

Seven people have been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of planning a terror attack on an Ikea furniture store and a number of shops near the Ajax stadium in the capital Amsterdam. […] Public prosecutor Herman Bolhaar told the press that the caller was a relative of one of the perpetrators of the train bombings in Madrid, five years ago. The six men and one woman who were arrested are between 19 and 64 years of age; all of them are Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin. All of them are charged with preparing an act of terrorism. After these arrests, police say the threat has been eliminated, but the prosecutor added that more people may be arrested.

This shows the need for the public acting with the police to help in anti-terrorism, especially those in the Muslim communities.

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