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Sweden: Arson Leads to Global Intifada Probe…….

It’s important to note that, not only is Andreas Malm, Sweden’s most prominent anti-Israeli leftist, he is also a “founding father” of Global Intifada. Malm also did a series of hit pieces on the counter-jihad network at the newspaper where he works, Dagens Nyheter. He is also a regular contributor to the Swedish far-Left newspaper, Arbetaren, and founder of the Swedish branch of the Palestinian front group, the International Solidarity Movement. KGS

Police investigators need to look no further than Andrea Malm

Three supermarkets were destroyed and a fourth damaged as a wave of arson attacks hit Södertälje in central Sweden in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Security police (Säpo) have been called in to investigate a connection between the attacks and an anti-US extreme left wing group.
“We have classified them all as arson and are working on the theory that they were started deliberately,” said Kia Samrell at Södertälje police. Police have not ruled out a connection to fires in the town in December which destroyed the Coop Forum and Ica Maxi supermarkets.¨
An extreme left wing group calling itself Global Intifada claimed responsibility for the December fires and according to reports in the Expressen newspaper, the two Willys stores destroyed on Thursday morning also received warnings from the group.
“We have not been able to confirm that the group were behind the December fires. But the investigation is not yet completed,” underlined Kia Samrell.
Global Intifada, according to a Sveriges Radio report, has been responsible for dealing out leaflets in Södertälje encouraging the public to make Molotov Cocktails and use them on shops selling American products.

Once again Socialists are burning out those who they dislike

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  1. This is the result of years of spineless leftist pandering to Muslims in this country. The newcomers obviously view regions where they are in mass as besieged Islamic territory to which the commandment of Jihad applies until it is liberated and Islamic rule is imposed. For the critics of mass immigration in Sweden, the best thing to actually happen believe it or not, is Mona "Stalin" Sahlin. Under her leadership, support for the Social Democrats has declined to its lowest level since the elections in October 2006. For those that don't already know, The Social Democrats (S), The Communists (V) and The Greens (MP) are the strongest advocates of the destructive mass immigration policies now practiced for many years in this country. According to an opinion poll from Synovate and the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, trust in the Opposition Leader Mona Sahlin (S) has dropped to a record low while confidence in Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Governing Moderate Party (M) has increased sharply. Sixty three percent think Reinfeldt is the best person to lead the government which is an increase of 8 percent since last fall. Only 22 percent (-7) believe Sahlin would do a better job. Sahlins latest blunder is her support to electing the Turkish immigrant Ibrahim Baylan as the new Party Secretary over the favorite Håkan Juholt, who for many years has been Deputy Secretary of The Social Democatic Party and most likely the most qualified canditate for the job. The Ombudman for the Workers Union IF Metall in Kalmar, Tomas Söreling, is very upset and says "This is almost like an execution. We do not treat friends in our party this way. We are strongly even considering promoting him (Håkan Juholt) as the new leader for the party." This is in fact a very big setback for The Social Democrats for if they lose the support of the labour movement, they are doomed. In October 2000, the then Integration Minister Sahlin is quoted in the newspaper Göteborgs Posten as saying " If two equally qualified people apply for a job at a workplace with few immigrants, the one named Mohammed is to get the job. The poor woman is just practising what she preaches.




  2. Ps The founder of Global Intifada may be a Swedish leftist loon but like the scumbags AFA, most likely consist of a disproportionately high number of Muslim fanatics set on the destruction of democracy that influence policy, thus too the association to Holy war in their name. Ds

  3. I feel sorry for this blogger ..
    get a life would u

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