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Czech President Vaclav Klaus Exposes EU Status Quo, MEP’s Walk Out…….

ukipmedia: EPP including British Labour MEPs all walked out on President Klaus during his speech. The EU showing its contempt for any opposition to the ultimate European Superstate objective.

A total shocking display of EU elitism, MEP politicians believe that they do not need to listen to differing views, so they just walk out. That is how they treat the average EU citizen, they believe that their power derives from the institutions they govern from, and not from the people that put them there. Disgusting. KGS

Watch and be revolted and angered.

H/T Vasarahammer

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  1. The arrogance shown by these parliamentarians is that of a totalitarian European Superstate (every Brussels bureaucrats wet dream) and not of the great democratic project EU claims to be.

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