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Swedish Dhimmi police: “No Plans to Intervene Against Anti-Israel Mob…….

Swedish blogger Ted Ekeroth has an update on the counter-protest that assembled to harrass the pro-Israel rally in Malmö Sweden a week ago Sunday.

Yes, the police coats have been Photoshopped

Swedish police: “There were no plans to intervene no matter how threatening the counter-demonstration was”

Ted Ekeroth: According to the newspaper “Skånska Dagbladet” (here ) a police officer informs he paper that the police who were at the rally for Israel was ordered, in advance, not to act or do anything against the pro-arab counter-demonstrators no matter how aggressiv or threatening they became. Quote:

– There were no plans to intervene againast the counter demonstrators. The only area to be evacuated if there was a situation was the area there the pro-israeli rally had been given in front of the Town Hall

According to Skånska Dagbladet, the officer who gives them this information is “well informed” on how the police task force works. He wishes to be anonymous. He continues:

– There is no room for discussion within the police . Outwardly, we are united. But inside the police, within the walls, there is a great mistrust of the leadership. […] We within the police want to be proud of our work. There is no one that is proud today.

As I have written on my blog, the police themselves have a document that outlines how they should act in situations like the one in Malmö och 25th of January. I quote :

If counter demonstrators, by screaming or yelling or in any other way, acts in a way that disturbs, they can be found guilty of “interfering with a public gathering” The “justitieombudsmannen” (Justice ombudsman) stated in 2008 that the right to arrange a counter demonstration does not include a right to hinder or stop the main demonstration Skånska Dagbladet interviews a professor in law. He says that:

When a counter demonstration no longer is peaceful and is about disturbing the main demonstration, in this case the pro-israeli rally that had a police permit, then the constitutional protection for the counter demonstrators has ceased to be valid.
With all this, the police chief Ulf Sempert, continues to lie and mislead.

Today, in Sweden, the mob is ruling the streets and the police is watching passively on the side…

So the Malmö ‘dhimmi’ police handed over control to the streets of their city to the pro-Palestinian baying mob, who will most certainly the next time around, demand the same kind of preferential treatment from their preceived inferiors. A truly disgusting display of weak knees and appeasement by the Malmö city police. KGS

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    Tre convicted of rape

    One of the two girls raped by three men in an apartment in Gothenburg was only thirteen but the men were not convicted for rape of a minor as the men had reason to believe she was older than fifteen. On Tuesday the men were convicted of rape but not for rape of a minor, writes Göterborgsposten on the web. The girls, 13 and 15 years old visited Gothenburg last year during their winter vacation but somehow missed their last train home. At a hamburger restaurant they met two of the men who offered them a place for the night at a friends apartment. There the girls were served vodka and became very intoxicated. The men then engaged several times in sexual-intercourse with the girls. The prosecuter found the offences severe, and in one case against a minor but the District Court of Gothenburg only convicted the men on normal charges of rape. A 23 year old man was was sentenced to 3,5 years, while the 21 year old whose apartment it was, received a two year sentence. A 17 year old received probation. The three are to jointly pay damages of 130 000 kronor to each of the girls.



    February 3, 2009 Gothenburg District Court, Case file nr B 2629-08

    On January 16, 2009 three young Somali men are charged for the rape of two girls, 13 and 15 years old in Gothenburg last year.

    The three accused:
    Omer Ahmed Sheekh, born 1984-12-15, registered as a resident of Norway, citizen of Somalia.

    Mohamed Musse, born 1986-10-21, registered as a resident of Gothenburg, citizen of Somalia.

    Mohammed Mahamud, born 1990-06-12, registered as a resident of Angered.

    The three young men met the girls in Gothenburg in February last year. They lured the girls to an apartment in Guldheden where one of the offenders lived. The girls were then pressured into consuming alcohol and when they become so intoxicated that they could no longer resist, they were raped repeatedly by all three of the men. It became clear that one of the girls had contracted VD from the abuse. Apart from that the girls had no physical injuries, however, the psychological damage is a fact which requires prolonged treatment.

    The grounds for the verdicts:
    Gothenburg District Court rules today, on the February 3, 2009, that Omer Ahmed Sheekh be sentenced to prison for 3.5 years for rape.

    Mohamed Musse is to be sentenced to 2 years in prison for rape.

    Mohammed Mahamud convicted of rape, the penalty PROBATION with special regulations: Mohammed Mahamud is to participate in specific activities related to current crime problems. Mohammed Mahamud has undergone a medical investigation and the investigating physician´s assessment is that a serious mental disorder is likely to have occured at the time of the offense and that there are due gounds for prison prohibition under the previous version of Chapter 30 Section 6 BRB. The District Court did not find reason to order such an investigation, however social services in Gunnared have in previous crime investigations (robbery) found evidence that Mohammed Mahamuds mental performance is well below that of young people of similar age, the results coincide with those of children with special needs. The educational assessment from school defines his skills comparable to that of grade five students. He has concentration problems and a weak understanding of consequence. Mohammed Mahamud has already been sentenced as a 15-year-old for several robberies.

    Penalty value:
    The district court reasons that the Penalty value for an adult is three years. With reduction due to his age, this would correspond to a year in prison. There is however margin for further reduction with regard to Mahamuds mental disability in accordance to Chapter 29 Section 3 BRB. With a reduced penalty value of 10 months there is a prerequisite for selecting another form of penalty than imprisonment. The District Court found that PROBATION with proposed regulations is for Mahamud the most appropriate penalty.

    Sheekh Omer and Mohamed Musse shall remain in custody until the ruling becomes final. The District Courts Decision on January 29, 2009 is to release Mohammed Mahamud.

    Damages to the victims:
    The trio are jointly to pay 130 000 SEK in damages to each victim.

    Background – detailed description:
    The girls who are residents outside of Gothenburg missed for some reason their last train home, so they went to a McDonalds in Nordstan where they met Mohammed Mahamud and Sheekh Omer. They offered the girls to hang out at a friends (Mohamed Musse) apartment and to sleep there. Mohammed Mahamud said that they had alcohol at the apartment. The girls were offered alcohol by the men and were pressured to drink more and more. The girls were not physically forced to drink but have described that they felt pressured and dared not to resist when the boys were being unreasonable and raised their voices, and they were afraid to make the boys angry. Both girls became so intoxicated before any sexual activity occurred that they felt dizzy and were unable to walk properly. They have repeatedly vomited, sometimes in direct connection to the sexual activity. It is in light of all of this information indisputable that when girl B had settled on the bed she quite immediately lost consciousness and was completely unaware of the events that followed and had to even be woken up to leave the apartment. It is quite clear that she was in a completely helpless state when the boys took advantage of her. Girl A had before any sexual activity occured, settled down on a mattress on the floor to rest. She has described that she felt nauseous, that she was wobbly and dizzy, and that she had no strength in her arms and legs and was thus unable to physically resist or defend herself, and that she occasionally was in an unconscious state and at times in a conscious. The District Court finds that the objective of the boys was to get the girls intoxicated and then have sex with them, and this according to Mohamed Musse, was the goal of Omer Sheekh.

    How the defendants plead:
    Sheekh Omer denies responsibility for the crimes. He totally denies the charges against him and claims that he had not been present in the apartment.

    Mohammed Mahamud denies responsibility for the crimes. He has admitted that he had oral sex with girl A, but argues that this was voluntary. He denies the charges stating that he took advantage of her helpless state.

    Mohamed Musse denies responsibility for the crimes. He admits that he was present in the apartment when the alleged crimes took place but denies the charges against him.

    DNA evidence:
    There is DNA evidence from two people in one of the girls panties. Through the revealed evidence, the District Court finds that Omer Shreekh had vaginal intercourse on two occasions with girl A. Oral sex took place between girl B with and the two other men.

    The verdict of The District Court:
    In accordance to the legislative amendment of 2005 and the extension made to include even sexual abuse where the perpetrator takes advantage of a victim due to intoxication or a similar helpless state, and where the ability to defend oneself is not completely eliminated. What previously was classed as sexual exploitation in Chapter 6, Section 3 BRB is now to be classed as rape. According to the District Court even girl A was rendered into the helpless state referred to in Chapter 6, Section 1.
    The District Court therefore concludes that the sexual acts that occurred constitute what is classed as rape.

    If either part is unsatisfied with the ruling, appeals are to be made so that The District Court receives them at the latest on February 24, 2009. The appeals are to be made to the Court of Appeals for Western Sweden.

    The States expences:
    Expences for three public defenders, and one legal representative of the plaintiffs (joint representation) amount to 213 721 kr.

    Gothenburg District Court, Case file nr B 2629-08
    Göteborgsposten 2009-02-03, Three sentenced for rape

    Furthermore to be reported is that the prosecutor did not in any of the cases invoke expulsion from the country.


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