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Jihad Spreads Across Europe and the West…….

Remember that it’s only Muslim rage expressed in the streets of the West, never Jewish rage, though the latter have been at the recieving end of Muslim aggression for centuries.
Brought to by the followers of the madman who never needed a real reason to go on a rampage.
Daily Mail: The number of anti-Semitic attacks in London has risen sharply following Israel’s land assault on Gaza, Jewish community groups said today. Their leaders have compiled a dossier of attacks against Jews which will be handed to seniors officers in the Metropolitan police.

The attacks include claims of:
  • An attempt to burn down a synagogue in north-west London.
  • An assault on a Jewish motorist who was pulled from his car and punched.
  • A gang of youths chanting anti-Semitic slogans as they tried to enter restaurants and shops in Golders Green.

The Community Security Trust, which is responsible for the safety of Jews in Britain, has also noted the emergence of anti-Semitic graffiti in Jewish areas across London. Slogans sprayed on walls include: ‘Kill Jews’ and ‘Jews are scumbags.’ The trust has now logged 24 anti-Semitic incidents – most of them in London – in the past week. Police are said to be stepping up patrols in Jewish areas.

And if that’s not bad enough, Atlas Shrugs has a video up that shows pro-Hamas supporter saying that “Hitler didn’t do a good job”. Jew hate is back in fashion, and the Middle East conflict is just a handy excuse to vent it. KGS

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  1. There’s certainly an explicit aura of nastiness surrounding the street hate festivals that we’ve witnessed outside the Israeli Embassy in londonistan.

    Although I live in another part of the UK, near a genteel university town that happens to be a hotbed of sharia creep and sharia creeps, I’d certainly think twice about showing any support for Israel at this time.

    However, what I find much more disturbing is the ‘Judenboykott’ being aimed at British Jews who refuse to comply with demands that they denounce Israel.

    Of course, ‘moderate’ mohammedan leaders, and such like, have also written to the government, voicing veiled threats regarding their young people turning to extremism.

    Simply, Israel must not be perceived to lose this current conflict with hamas, otherwise the islamists will be greatly empowered, and that, of course, would be a disaster.

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