Hamas Operation Cast Lead Phospherus

Hamas Fires Its First Phosphorus Shell at Israel…….

Gee, I wonder what troop movements that shell was providing cover for? None. But the world yawns at the Hamas’ most recent violation of international law, because, being the humanitarian racists that they are, they could care less what war crimes Hamas commits, because they are members of the Third World, and one is supposed to look the other way, especially if they’re Palestinians. KGS
Palestinian militants (TT: really?) in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday fired their first phosphorus shell into Israel, which exploded in an open area in the Eshkol area in the western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported.
The phosphorus shell was among the 14 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel on Wednesday. White phosphorus is not considered a chemical weapon. Militaries are permitted under laws of warfare to use it in artillery shells, bombs and rockets to create smoke screens to hide troop movements as well as bright bursts in the air to illuminate battlefields at night.
However, the substance can cause serious burns if it touches the skin and can spark fires on the ground. Human Rights Watch on Sunday accused Israel of firing artillery shells packed with white phosphorus over populated areas of Gaza during recent fighting, including a crowded refugee camp, putting civilians at risk.

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