Leftist Fascism Muslim Intimidation oslo

Pro-lsrael Rally in Oslo Draws Violent Pali-Hamas Supporters…….

People with moral character gather in Oslo to support Israel

Supporters of Israel gathered to show their solidarity with the Jewish state, which has been forced to react to the continual pounding of over 6000 Qassam rockets over the last few years, and the whackos can’t handle it, it’s got to be met with violence.

Lefties and Palis and jihadis turn out in droves and cause violence and mayhem in the streets of Oslo. It’s what they do best, they can’t handle rational debate and civil behaviour, they need violence to help beef up their peace loving claims.

Morons in Nazi scarfs run rampant through the streets of Oslo, breaking glass, damaging police vehicles and acting like animals. The purpose for such behaviour is purely to intimidate the government and public at large, to caving into their meat headed demands. KGS

More news on it here and here.

H/T: Kumitonttu

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