Off to Stockholm…….

The Tundra Tabloids is heading for Stockhom, posting will be light, very light for the next few days. KGS

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  1. What a super picture of a lovely old engine , do you have any details of it or where it is . I have added it to my image bank.

  2. Hmmmm.

    Will you be wearing your wet suit and will you have your oxygen tank strapped on?

    As for the picture – very politically incorrect don’t you think – all that dirty smoke I mean!

  3. Heh, Hi Doc, just got in, you’re the first person I have responded to, sorry, can’t exactlt where I got it, from an assorted array of photos some time ago! If I find out where it’s from, I’ll give ya the heads up.

    As for the other commenter, heh, it only reflects the first part of my journey, which always begins by train,…always. 🙂

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