Swedish Jihadi Killed in Iraq Was Al-Qaida’s Number Two…….

So Swedes are involved in the fight against Islamofscism, they just happen to be on the wrong side. KGS

The Local: The Swedish citizen who on Wednesday evening was reported to have been killed by US forces in Iraq was Abu Qaswara – according to the UN and EU one of the most senior al-Qaeda leaders in the country.
Abu Qaswara was killed in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq on October 5th, reported Reuters. Born in Morocco and known also as Abu Sara, Abu Qaswara was described by the US as the second-in-command in al-Qaeda in Iraq and the leader of the organisation’s groups in the north of the country.
UPDATE: Ha ha ha…. Look at the way Swedish TT report, via Swedish International Radio reports the same story:
“A Swedish man is reported to have died in fighting in Iraq. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs say the Swedish citizen was killed during fighting by American forces. The Ministry have been trying to get in contact with the victim’s relations today, report TT news agency.”
One of Al-Qaida’s top leaders in Iraq dies in a gun battle against US troops…and he, the jihadi is …….

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