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Robert Spencer Handles the Unruly Muslim Mob at University of Wisconsin…….

Robert Spencer at the University of Wisconsin, shows the way, answers the questions and handles the unruly crowd of antagonists. Of course there were legitimate questions asked, and they were dutifully answered.
Daily Cardinal: During the question and answer session, a UW-Madison student asked why Spencer seemed unconcerned with the politicization of religion in the United States with regard to the rise of evangelical Christianity. She said government officials have the potential to appoint ideologically extreme Supreme Court Justices, as well as judges and cabinet members.
“I do not think it is the same thing,” Spencer responded. “They are working with the political process, not undermining the constitutional government … I have never found any Christian preacher saying they are going to overthrow the government and make Christianity supreme.”
And then there were those who showed up to silence Spencer becuase they felt threatened by his logic and argumentation, so they chose to shout him down.

The Badger Herald: “Several members of the Muslim Student Association were present at the event and could be seen shaking their heads and scoffing throughout Spencer’s lecture. Rashid Dar, MSA public relations chair, was the first to pose a question.

He and several other MSA members ridiculed Spencer for not being informed on the topic and for not being fluent in Arabic.

“It is only you who truly understands how to distort the balance,” Dar said, speaking over commotion in the room and Spencer himself.

Spencer blasted the MSA members for speaking over him and spreading their “propaganda.”

“This lack of courtesy and this kind of arrogance is indicative of an unwillingness to engage in these things honestly,” Spencer said. CR Chair Sara Mikolajczak said she thought the event went well overall but called the outbursts by MSA “absolutely ridiculous.” “It’s one thing to ask a question.

I mean, that’s perfectly legitimate — that’s why we open it up to Q-and-A,” Mikolajczak said. “But it’s a completely different thing to talk over a speaker and not to adhere to the rules.”

That’s why the very bogus spectre of ISLAMOPHOBIA is bantered about by the intolerant followers of Mo. If they get to silence us, then the victory is won. Glad to see that Mr.Spencer isn’t making it easy for them. KGS

H/T: Baron Bodissey & Henrik Clausen

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  1. "followers of Mo?" You are idiots and your site is as ridiculous as you are.

    Were you even there? probably not. Spencer was the only unruly person present-Jumping up and down like a child who wants attention.

    And the only reason why this post has no comments is because you screen them all before you approve them. If you had any balls, you would post them freely.

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