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Daniel Pipes: Samir Kuntar And The Last Laugh…….

The Tundra Tabloids is in full agreement with Dr.Daniel Pipes analysis of the “corpses-for-prisoners exchange, that took place last week between Israel and the terrorist organization, Hezbollah. The only bright side to the release of Kuntar, is that it leaves him open for targeted killing.

Israel has lived the past 60 years more intensively than any other country. Its highs – the resurrection of a 2,000 year old state in 1948, history’s most lopsided military victory in 1967, and the astonishing Entebbe hostage rescue in 1976 – have been triumphs of will and spirit that inspire the civilized world. Its lows have been self-imposed humiliations: unilateral retreat from Lebanon and evacuation of Joseph’s Tomb, both in 2000; retreat from Gaza in 2005; defeat by Hizbullah in 2006; and the corpses-for-prisoners exchange with Hizbullah last week.

An outsider can only wonder at the contrast. How can the authors of exhilarating victories bring such disgrace upon themselves, seemingly oblivious to the import of their actions? One clue has to do with the dates. The highs took place during the state’s first three decades, the lows occurred since 2000. Something profound has changed. The strategically brilliant but economically deficient early state has been replaced by the reverse. Yesteryear’s spy masterminds, military geniuses and political heavyweights have seemingly gone into hi-tech, leaving the state in the hands of corrupt, shortsighted mental midgets.

How else can one account for the cabinet meeting on June 29, when 22 out of 25 ministers voted in favor of releasing five live Arab terrorists, including Samir Kuntar, 45, a psychopath and the most notorious prisoner in Israel’s jails, plus 200 corpses? In return, Israel got the bodies of two soldiers murdered by Hizbullah. Even The Washington Post wondered at this decision.

PRIME MINISTER Ehud Olmert endorsed the deal on the grounds that it “will bring an end to this painful episode,” a reference to retrieving the bodies of war dead and appeasing the hostages’ families demand for closure. In themselves, both are honorable goals, but at what price? This distortion of priorities shows how a once-formidably strategic country has degenerated into a supremely sentimental country, a rudderless polity where self-absorbed egoism trumps raison d’être. Israelis, fed up with deterrence and appeasement alike, have lost their way.

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  1. This sets a pattern favorable to Hizbullah. It is easier to preserve dry bones than keeping prisoners alive. In the future the kidnapped soldiers can be sure they won’t live for long -as dead they are as valid currency as alive…

    This is disgusting and grotesque!

  2. One needs to remember that before this exchange took place, Israel pummelled Lebanon for several weeks and left more than 500 Hezbollah terrorists dead. That point is often times forgotten because the mainstream news media wants to embellish the propaganda victory for Hezbollah.

    In the Arab world, there have been commentaries expressing much bitterness that the Lebanese paid a horrific price just so Hezbollah could have a propaganda victory. Think about that before you automatically concur with the thesis that the “swap” will encourage more Hezbollah attacks.

  3. That said, the Arabs, or at least the homicidal, messianic types have a very short memory concerning their defeats.

    These egomaniacs will never be persuaded that “they are not invincible” as long as they have breath and a willing dhimmi Europe more than willing to defend them from Israel’s full military might.

    The way Nasrallah thumps his chest for the rest of the Arab world, is reminiscent of Abdel Nasser, and we know what he was capable of, in spite of having his ass handed to him on repeated occasions.

    I believe that Pipes has hit the nail on the head this time around. Israel needs to do some very deep re-thinking about what made it a feared force, some thirty years ago. In spite of killing over 500 Hez terrorists, they couldn’t make the Hezbollah bend, and to be fair, a lot of that blame could be laid at the dooerstep of the EU, whose hand wringing and nail biting only served to encourage the Hezbollah to “wait it out”, help (UNSCR 1701) was certainly on the way.

    *L* KGS

  4. KGS59:

    There’s no sense arguing with my friends. If you’re right, Hezbollah will exploit the swap and attack Israel soon. If I’m right, it will be a while before theyh pull a stunt like this again.

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