Defeat of Lisbon Treaty: Finnish Politician Timo Soini Pops a Guinness…….

Some politicians in Finland “get it“. The defeat of the EU Lisbon Treaty is a victory for democracy and from over regulation by an increasingly undemocratic EU bureaucracy in Brussels.
I like what the chairman of the Finnish Perusuamalainen party had to say about the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty.
HS: “Kaikkialla, missä kansa pääsee äänestämään, tulos on sama. Brysselin EU-eliitti ei opi mitään. Se tarjoaa 99-prosenttisesti samaa sopimusta, jota se ei kutsu perustuslaiksi. Se häpäisee itsensä kaikilla tavoin”, Soini sanoi puhelimessa.
Translation: “In every place where the people are allowed to vote, the result is the same. Brussels EU-elite never learn a thing. It offers 99% of the same agreement, which it didn’t label as a constitution. It shamed itself in every way”
Timo Soini then expresses the way in which he celebrated the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constituion: “Kävin Vammalan S-marketista hakemassa tölkillisen Guinnessia” / I went to the S-Market in Vammala and bought a can of Guinness“.
Kudos to Ireland and to Timo Soini, both offer a measure of hope to both Finland and Europe. *L* KGS
NOTE: This is the only post of the day, the TT will return tomorrow.

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