Irish Vote Not Yet Counted as French EU Secretary Pimps For Third Way…….

Come on folks, how many more acts of subterfuge and deception by the EU elites must take it take, before we finally have had enough and shelve the whole EU federation project?

The fate of the EU Lisbon Treaty is not yet known, but the Eurocrats are already talking about how they can circumvent the sour result of the Irish vote, ie. rejection of the EU Treaty.

Al-Reuters: “The most important thing is that ratification should continue in other countries (if Ireland has voted “no”) and I have good reasons to think that the process of ratification will continue,” France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet told LCI television. “We would have to see with the Irish at the end of the ratification process how we could make it work and what legal arrangement we could come to.”

The Finnish news was ripe with similar reports yesterday, anyone smelling a rat? The reports stated that if the ratification fails in Ireland, there could possibly be a ‘two tier’ situation that develops in which the other states that ratified the Lisbon Treaty, could move on ahead with their further integration unimpeded, and allow the Irish to join…once they get their “minds right”.

It would be a total disingenuous move on behalf of the EU-crats, but when has that stopped them in the past? Remember folks, the EU was never to become a federalized state, with its own President, Foreign and own currency when it was first promoted. It was however designed to be just that from the very beginning.

Deception, blue smoke and mirrors are the hall mark of the EU enterprise. *L* KGS

UPDATE: From the comments to an article online about the EU Lisbon Treaty:
How do you define ‘conspiracy’? Like, would this count?.. Drafting a deliberately confusing constitution for a new EU State in secret, getting it through the EU Parliament late at night so no one has time to read it, calling it a ‘treaty’ so that it wouldn’t have to be put to the electorates. For the one electorate that it simply could not be avoided putting a referendum to, a huge PR effort is then made to keep said electorate misinformed and thus ensure that it votes ‘the right way’… Does that count?!?
NOTE: It just occurred to me that today is FRIDAY THE 13TH! Oh the irony of the Lisbon Treaty /EU Constitution being pronounced dead on this unlucky day!

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