Sweden Terrorism

Swedish Nuclear Plant Scene of Attempted Smuggling in of Explosives…….

Both the Local and USA Today has it as just “a man” being the culprit. As of yet, no background of “the man” has been made available.

“The man” was detained for the attempted smuggling of high explosives into the nuclear power plant in southeastern Sweden earlier today. *L* KGS

USA Today: STOCKHOLM (AP)Police say a nuclear plant in southeastern Sweden has been sealed off after a worker was stopped at the entrance with an explosive substance. Police spokesman Sven-Erik Karlsson says investigators are questioning the man, a welder who was scheduled to do work at the plant on Wednesday.

Karlsson says the man carried a plastic bag with an explosive substance as he tried to enter the Oskarshamn nuclear plant. It was not immediately clear what type of substance the man was carrying and how much. Karlsson says police have set up a security perimeter with a 985-feet radius around the plant. He says workers already inside were not evacuated and the plant is operating normally.

UPDATE: 22.05.08
FOX: It’s not something you use at home,” Anders Osterberg, a spokesman for plant operator OKG, told The Associated Press. “We’re not dealing with toys here.”
The two men were contractors hired to perform maintenance work on one of the plant’s three reactors, which was shut down on May 11 for an annual checkup, plant spokesman Roger Bergman said. One of them was initially described as a welder, but plant officials later said his occupation was not clear.
Police did not release their identities, but said one was born in 1955 and the other in 1962. The older suspect was “known to police” from prior investigations, police spokesman Sven-Erik Karlsson told AP. He declined to give details.
The men were brought in for questioning after they arrived for work early Wednesday at the power plant, located about 150 miles (250 kilometers) south of Stockholm. The men were stopped because one of them was carrying a plastic bag that was found to contain traces of TATP in a security check, police said.
TATP is highly explosive, and a tiny amount would be enough to blow off a person’s hand, said Svante Karlsson, a weapons expert at the Swedish Defense Research Agency.

“It is very unstable, very sensitive to both friction and shocks,” he said, adding the substance has no civilian use.
The same type of explosive was used by the four suicide bombers who killed 52 subway and bus passengers in London on July 7, 2005.
Police spokesman Sven-Erik Karlsson said police set up a security perimeter with a 1,000-foot (300-meter) radius around the Oskarshamn plant, but workers already inside were not evacuated.
Sweden’s police intelligence agency, SAPO, was not involved in the investigation but “we are keeping ourselves informed,” SAPO spokesman Jakob Larsson said.
The plant’s three nuclear reactors account for about 10 percent of the electricity produced in Sweden. Operator OKG is jointly owned by E.ON of Germany and Finland’s Fortum.
Officials said there were no signs that Wednesday’s incident was linked to an act of vandalism in April when half a dozen fire extinguishers were sabotaged at the plant. That incident was still being investigated internally and had not been reported to police, plant spokeswoman Emelie Johannesson said.

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