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The Tundra Tabloids Score Card on The Finnish Islamic Party Platform…….

They’re back, and the TT will have to admit that the Finnish Islamic Islamist Party has come a long way since its “coming out party back in September in 2007. They’re already sporting a “pimped up” web site with a clear political agenda spelled out for the electorate to see.

FIP spokesman, Abdullah “former neo-Nazi & Communist” Tammi, has been very busy putting together a cohesive Islamist program in order to take advantage of the upcoming elections his party has been planning to participate in.

The Tundra Tabloids of course wishes both Abdullah Tammi and his Islamist party all the worst possible luck in meeting their goals, may they forever face an uphill struggle in their Islamist endeavors. I think that a closer look at the FIP’s party platform is in order, let’s see just how far reaching their goals actually are. Scoring from 1 to 5, with greater number being the best, lets see how the FIP’s values and agenda fares.

FIP agenda

Families and individuals
The Finnish Islamic Party ascribes importance to good life, maintenance of good life values and well-being of individuals and families. All this is based on Islam and Islamic values. This helps to make choices in individuals’ life and in parenting. The goal is to fortify life of the individuals and families. Children and youngsters need to be freed from all non-Islamic festivities in school. We want schools to teach Islamic family values to Muslims and the current sex education to be changed because it promotes casual relationships. Countries official languages are Finnish and Swedish.

Ah,… the good life according to a totalitarian, just what would that look like? Hint: keep the picture in your head of what it was like in Afghanistan before the Taliban were forcibly removed. The FIP also wants to fortify the life of the individual, though their belief system does not recogonize human individuality at all. Everyone must submit to the will of Allah, and adhere to all of the strictures embedded in the strict Islamic system. Totally un-fun.

The FIP also wants Muslim children to be set aside in parallel / apartheid-like school system, with teachers preaching Islam instead of the stated school curriculum that everyone else participates in. According to the FIP, sex education goes the way of the Dodo bird. If allowed to restructure their sex ed classes, I wonder if they’ll be teaching that a woman wearing the pants of her husband will make her pregnant? In many parts of the ME it’s taken as a fact.

Civilization and school
Child has the right to pre-primary education and primary education. Everybody has to have the chance to progress in education according to his abilities. Student financial aid needs to be raised sufficiently. Muslim children’s religious requirements need to be taken into account. Muslim children should be freed from music classes. They could alternatively read and listen to the Holy Quran. Muslim boys and girls are in separate premises in swimming halls. Muslim children should retain their privacy according to moral values by avoiding to be seen naked by others in swimming halls.

I’m sure that it was just a typing error, with “her” being left out by accident, but it was no accident that they want to do away with the music classes. That they want to institute gender apartheid for swimming classes is another strike against them. I would have given them five points for wanting to keep the rights of children to learn in school, but I’m not certain that they want girls educated, so that’s one point off. The FIP then refuses music for kids, two more points off, then keeps insisting on apartheid for kids in swimming which means another two points gone.

According to the Finnish Islamic Party, the treatment and edification to intoxicant problems should be aimed so that close relatives will be edificated to confront intoxicant abuser the way that he might get sober. Youngsters and children are in danger because of the free minded alcohol policy. National economy will receive a great bill from free minded alcohol policy. Alcohol edification needs to be increased in schools and educational institutions.

We present preventively following: the sale of alcoholic beverages in grocery stores should be banned and assigning of liquor licenses should be tighten. With these actions children’s and youngster’s sensitization to alcohol is prohibited. Edification based on Islamic values would be excellent way to decrease disadvantages and using of intoxicants. The using, selling and advertising of alcohol should be banned in sport- culture- and national events. All kind of advertising of alcohol and cigarettes should be banned.

In an Islamist state “edification” would mean being beat with a rod. Automatically five points gone. The rest is all Islamist mumbo jumbo that would bring an additional five points off for every claim made.

Anticipatory health care
Anticipatory health care will be processed by instructing to rehabilitation and healthy life style early enough. This benefits people’s health and well-being. We want society to expand health care continuously. This way individual will get the care and information he needs on time. This way we can cut the sickness expenses. Development of health care should meet the present demand. This will make it possible for all the citizens to get equal and sufficient health care.

Totally incoherant, in either language, so it means that they are way in over their heads with this one. SCORE: 0

Foreign policy
The Finnish Islamic Party aims to return to absolute policy of neutrality. We work towards policy of neutrality with relations to adjoining neighbours and other countries. We also work towards nuclear free Scandinavia. We aim to contribute to Finland’s foreign policy’s goals and Islamic policy in European Union. Later on the Finnish Islamic Party can support Finland’s secession from EU and Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU). Finland’s impartiality will be insured by secession from EU.

The first part is pure lunacy, Finland never had any “real neutrality” to begin with, that aside, getting rid of nuclear power is bone headed. The FIP’s clear Islamization goals for Finland and Europe earns the FIP a solid zero, in spite of the fact that the Tundra Tabloids does in fact agree with the FIP that Finland should in fact divest itself from the EU.

Inaudibility from military alliances
We respect other countries sanctity and sovereignty. We want to stay out of military alliances. We want Finland to stay out of NATO. The Finnish Islamic Party is against taking part in multinational corps in international operations.

Muslim’s rights
Men and boys should have the right to get circumcised in public health care if resources allow it. Islamic Halal slaughter should be allowed. Muslims have the right to dress according to Islam in schools, work places and public premises. Muslims have the right to pray at work places when its prayer time. Muslims have the right to go to the mosque from work on Fridays to the Friday prayers. Muslims have the right to establish Islamic schools, cemeteries and mosques.

Immigrants’ education and assimilation to Finland should be rebuild. Immigrants’ general education and especially teaching of Finnish language should be edistää by taking supply of labor and immigrants’ level of education into account.

Strange but true, I am in full agreement with the FIP here. Muslim immigrants -to whom they are actually referring to- should (only because the FIP itself is insisting) assimilate, which means totally losing all traces of their culture and background, fully accepting the traditions and norms of the indigenous host society. Great!

Interest free Islamic banking system
The Finnish Islamic Party is working towards interest free Islamic banking system in Finland. This way obligor will not incur debts because of interest and inflation will be restrained.

According to Timur Kuran: the significance of Islamic economics lies not in the economy but in identity and religion. The scheme “has promoted the spread of antimodern … currents of thought all across the Islamic world. It has also fostered an environment conducive to Islamist militancy.

Indeed, Islamic economics possibly contributes to global economic instability by “hindering institutional social reforms necessary for healthy economic development.” In particular, were Muslims truly forbidden not to pay or charge interest, they would be relegated “to the fringes of the international economy. In short, Islamic economics has trivial economic import but poses a substantial and malign political danger.”

Employment policy
Society should promote education of labor according to demand and assist companies that hire long-term unemployed. Those withdrawn from work will be aspired to motivate by directing them to practical training and by composing apprenticeships. State’s support to apprenticeships should be increased by 30%.

Most likely borrowed from some other party’s platfrom..somewhere.

Environment values
We appreciate nature and present the following actions:

– actions taken in traffic that benefit nature values
– using of environmentally friendly fuels
– progressing in developing track traffic to moderate global warming.

The Finnish Islamic Party is against nuclear power in long term. We want to develop substitutive energy forms to go alongside of existent nuclear power.

Once again, in trying to appear like a “normal” party, they borrow from somewhere else. OK. Five points off for openly trying to dictate to society how much it can drive a car. Like I said, totalitarians. Also, supporting the myth of man made GW would remove another five points f allowed to do so.

Social policy.
We want social services for all citizens to be fair and equal. Services should be developed according to peoples needs.

Incredibly vague. Mere window dressing to fill up the page.

Housing policy
We present carrying out different kind of house producing models that would ensure every citizen their basic right for an appartment. Different forms of owning a house needs to be developed and building rental appartments needs to be increased. Homelessness needs to be removed urgently and a right for an appartment ensured to all citizens.

Communist throwback mutterings, can’t be taken seriously.


The elderly and invalids
Reliable services and safe environment should be developed for this target group according to Islamic principles. Elderly and invalids emotional and material well-being should be approved. Their basic rights should be approved by the present legislation.

No need for Islamic principles, Finnish society’s own traditional system of ethics has already filled in the gap. Move on.

Economic policy
Our aim is to approve independent entrepreneurship and to ease corporations’ position. Investing in Finland should be promoted fiscally. We submit to lower value added tax gradually. Small and medium business’ income-tax rate has to be lighten. Small and medium business’ needs to be legislated employment obligation for balancing the tax remission. Employees and trade unions position needs to be secured. Economic policy has to be socially equitable, because according to Islam, society has to be based on social equity.

Sounds like something they heavily borrowed, and have little clue about, otherwise they wouldn’t have been promoting sharia based finance. Islamists care little for the non-believer, so any socially equitable system will always favor their own kind, so, move on.

Agricultural policy
Agriculture of Finland should be ensured and self-sufficiency should be increased. Domestic products and alternative plants for raising should be assisted. Specialising homesteads will be expedited. Improvement level of farms should be raised. We want agricultural taxing to be carried out fairly according to actual needs. We are against intensive agriculture that contaminates environment.

We work towards removing farm subsidies gradually and developing agriculture economically profitable without continuous farm subsidies. We want farmers to be independent from the state. We don’t favour genetically modified food. We want taxing in pork production to be increased. Pork production’s smell-, health- and environment disadvantages needs to be cut down significantly. Fish breeding and domestic fish’s consumption needs to be increased. Lambs meat production should be promoted.

Now here they move into interesting territory, sounds almost US concervative, but then it runs afoul with pork taxation. What they really would like to do, but afraid to speak it out loud, is to get rid of the pigs completely. That makes them disengenuous as well as bigots towards pigs.

So out of a total of 80 possible points to score on the score card, the FIP managed to acheive ZERO points. Imagine that! *L* KGS

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  1. If you read or listen to what Abdullah Tammi says, you will find that he has not yet fully learned to use islamist rhetoric.

    So he sticks to the old style marxist language that reveals his communist roots.

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