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Terrorist Behind Exeter Explosion Was Exploited Mentally Ill Man…….

Muslim terrorists exploit the mentally deficient, hmmm…where have we seen this before? Telegraph: A suspected Islamic extremist has attempted to attack a restaurant in a shopping centre in the middle of Exeter.
The man suffered cuts to his eye and facial burns in the attack when his device went off in the toilets of the restaurant in the brand new, £230m Princesshay centre. Police sources believe the man was arming a bomb when it partially exploded in his face. He then tried to detonate a second device in the crowded street outside the restaurant. Bomb disposal teams have recovered canisters of a sodium-based homemade explosive, it is understood, and there were reports that nails may have been part of the devices.
That in itself was bad enough, but here is where it gets real twisted. The Guardian states that:
Counter-terrorism officials believe a man who walked into a restaurant in Exeter at lunchtime yesterday and allegedly tried to explode a homemade bomb that could have caused serious injuries had been targeted for radicalisation by extremists. The man was named as Nicky Reilly, 22, who officials believe has a history of mental illness and who had converted to Islam. No one was hurt in the incident apart from Reilly, who suffered serious injuries to his face which are not thought to be life threatening.
Imagine that, Islam-O-terrorists recruit a mentally unstable man who is not able to discern fact from fiction, into becoming a cold blooded murdering terrorist. But hey, like I’ve said before, it’s what they do best, preying on the innocent whether they are cell groups in the west, or the Hezbollah in Lebanon, or Hamas and Fattah in the WB & Gaza. *L* KGS

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