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Political Correctness in Action: Muslims Shouting Racist Slurs And The British Police’s Feeble Response…….

British society unglued. The video was taken from the Gates of Vienna. A salient quote by Dymphna:

I am troubled by the extremes of reaction by the UK Police. On the one hand, the “community police” harass and even incarcerate the indigenous Brits for allegedly dropping an apple core on the sidewalk. On the other hand, they are seemingly helpless in the face of an aggressive crowd of immigrants who have only contempt for their authority. This is worse than corruption. It is collapse. Corruption can be reformed, but where do you send the purported keepers of the peace for courage and judgment?

View the video and allow it to get yourself motivated to impress upon our elected leaders, to resist the ‘PC’ mindthink that has turned once proud nations into masses of bumbling fools and cowering idiots. This can’t be allowed to continue any longer. *L* KGS

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