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Who’s Saying What About the Tundra Tabloids

“…I agree with you…”

Flemming Rose

“…I’m inclined to agree with Tundra Tabloids…”
“…For ongoing coverage of Scandanavia, see the Tundra Tabloid blog…”

Prof.Barry Rubin (GLORIA Center)

“…The Tundra Tabloids points out…”
”…according to Tundra Tabloids, a blog about Islamic extremism…”

“Sir, you are under the wrong impression…”

“Keep up the ‘good fight with all thy might’ You’re there for that – and more.”

“…The influential Tundra Tabloids blog on Islamist radicalism in Scandinavia …”

“Your site provides a lot of food for thought.”
“…The excellent and highly
recommended Tundra Tabloids…”
“…One of my favorite European blogs
is Tundra Tabloids by KGS. It features news on the Middle East, Islamists, etc.
that you won’t find elsewhere…”

“…My friend, KGS, at Tundra Tabloids…”
“…KGS, I kiss you…”

“…Tundra Tabloids blows the lid…”

“…Tundra Tabloids, the chilliest blog in Finland…”

“…The Tundra Tabloids – Sanity in Scandinavia…”

The Tundra Tabloids, a Scandinavian blog that publishes the funniest cartoons and illustrations , and it also has great reports and insights often absent elsewhere .

“…Tundra Tabloids – a worthy blog…”

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  1. Hi, my name is Evan Mark.

    Listen I really enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know about a couple of links that you’ll like. I know that you must receive a lot of garbage in your inbox. I can assure you though that these are worth seeing.

    I am a long-time contributor of Jihad watch, including as a Jihad Watch “agent”
    ( ) and would consider Robert Spencer a personal friend of mine.

    Look, again, I KNOW you must get a lot of spam. Please believe me when I tell you this will really be worth your time to see. This first film, in 7 short days, has already been posted to dozens of blog sites, and even on the personal blog of Reza Khalili (“A time to betray”). I really think you’ll like it.


    The first is only 5 minutes, and I know your viewers would be thrilled to see it on your website, and I would be honored for it to be featured there!

    Film 1: “A brave new world”

    Or sign in to you tube to see here:

    Film 1 W/Subtitles

    Film 2: “The Taliban: The TRUTH about the war in Afghanistan.”

    Or sign in to you tube to see here:

    IF THESE ARE NOT SHOWING UP IN YOUR COUNTRY, (they may have been blocked by Youtube), you can watch them here:

    You can learn more about me here:

    Also, I am currently open to promoting like-minded material. If you have a project and are in need of help or are looking to promote a book online, please think of me.

    Happy new year, your new friend,


    “A brave new world” EC

    “A brave new world: W/Lyrics [SUBTITLED]

    “The Taliban: the TRUTH about the war in Afghanistan” EC

  2. Hi there
    Are you Finnish? I’ll write in English anyway. I have been following you for years, and you probably more than anyone, is responsible for me educating myself about islam and the terrible threat it poses to civilisation. If I still lived in my native Norway, I would be fighting against the islamisation there, but unfortunately I live in HK where islam so far isn’t a problem. I’ve just watched the film about how poor Elias couldn’t find friends, and noticed there were some discrepancies between what the people said and the subtitles. Please let me do something for the movement by translating your Norwegian and Danish films! Swedish also okay, though you probably speak it. You must be super busy with all this work. Please let me help.

    Cecilie Gamst Berg
    Hong Kong

    1. KGS ia an American living in Finland for long time (20 years or so). Would be interesting to know how he earns his living. He might be already in watchlist of SUPO (finnish FBI)

      1. Priceless : SUPO like FBI .
        Just imagine Finland having a Federal police
        handling matters that stretches from
        Uusimaa to Lappi ?
        This while the rest of the police only handle
        things like a local Sheriffs office he he he

    1. I like your site, but recently am getting only text, no video.
      “Windows does not recognize this Protocol”
      Vlad Tepes, et al are OK.

  3. Wei, Tundra, have you seen this? excellent slanging match (they wouldn’t be muslim if a lot of shouting wasn’t going on)

    1. Do you really believe this kind of movie made by Memri?

      1. MEMRI is reporting how things as they are
        and whats said in the Arab media (mostly)
        What part of this needs any believing ?
        If you think MEMRI is questionable
        then it only shows what sort of
        person you are .

  4. I just had an article published that I wanted to send to you but I dont have your email address.
    thank you,
    mark langfan

  5. what is your email address – i would like to send you an information file about Finnish anti Jewish and anti Israel behavior that appeared on Arutz 7

  6. Hello TT. I have been a regular visitor to Tundra Tabloids for a couple of years. Thank you for providing an excellent open door for information. A year ago, you posted at Breitbart and I followed you on Intense Debate. I have moved my posting to a new site,

    If you have even one moment, it would be an honor, and very much fun for us if an International would come and make even one post for us.

    Regardless, my best wishes, and again, my thanks for your excellent work here.

  7. Hi, Recently you published some news on the so called “Rohingyas” who are basically Bengali Muslims of Bangladesh who have invaded Burma. I have included some background information on this dating to as far back as WWII. I hope this helps when you are writing about this problem.
    Peter Murray was a pre-war British administrator who spoke fluent Burmese. He was the British Ambassador to Cambodia during 1961-62. 
    Peter Murray was also a territorial CAO (Civil Affairs Officer) with the British Army in Northern Arakan during the Second World War. 
    He was the same Peter Murray mentioned by Robert Mole in his memoirs”The Temple Bells are Calling”about his time in the Arakan.
    Following is his 1949 Foreign Office memo outlining the so-called racio-religious troubles in Arakan due to the Bengali Muslims’ relentless intrusion into Burma.

    The second blog link is an indication of what will happen to the Buddhist population of the border regions if the UN were to meddle in western Burma and succeed in establishing a Muslim majority area under the tender ministrations of the rapacious Bengali Muslims.

    1. Thanks Gerald, I’ll make a post from this. much appreciated!

  8. Terve

    Kirjoitan kirjaa islamista ja mitä sille pitäisi tehdä. olen huomannut että olet aktiivinen ja olet yrittänyt tehdä jotain asian eteen. Kerro mielellään mitä pitäisi tehdä. Uutisten listaaminen ei oikein tuo ratkaisua mihinkään.

  9. Can you please contact me. You have no visible means of my being able to contact you.


  10. I also have not received video/images on my windows 7 pc for the past few months… if you find out what the issue is, please let me know! Thank you… Robert

  11. Looks like the Long War Journal has been hacked over the weekend.

    And LWJ is hardly a political blog.

    Look to your firewalls and virus scanners.

  12. I have enjoyed your posts for a number of years as they give me a perspective we don’t often get in US. I would like to give you my perspective of one issue: Trump. I was glad when he ran because he was addressing important issues that no other candidate really addressed. I was not a Trump supporter but I approved of what he was trying to do. I began to notice the attacks almost immediately and I began to study what was happening. I have a PhD in English and my specialty was formal rhetoric. I also have a Masters in Theatre and have acted, written plays, etc. I have also taught composition and the single most important lesson I gave my students was that you do not write formal papers as you speak aloud because you use gesture, intonation and dramatic construction when you speak to be effective (qualifying and giving color and interest to your words). In writing formally, you use simple sentences constructed to get a simple statement across and hope that your series of facts will show the complexity and boldface or italics notes emphasis. Trump gives speeches. He is part of an oral tradition that is no longer studied. You cannot apply print interpretation to his speech. Once you see them and then hear the paraphrase or quotes from his critics, you realize that 1) they take his words out of context and leave out those words he speaks which contradict their “narrative” 2) when they paraphrase, they give an interpretation, not a paraphrase, so, in effect, they attribute to him ideas and stances he does not profess, using lack of context and inexact equivalences to justify their attacks 3) they use their talking points rather than Trump’s positions to attack him 4) they do not address what he says and so do not need to defend their own positions which Trump is against. They are, in fact, using Chomskyian tactics of distortion. There may be reasons not to support Trump. Fine. But Trump’s “conservative” attackers use tactics against him that supposedly contradict every theoretical position they claim to be against when they call themselves conservative. If their acts go against their words, they are lying. Tundra Tabloids should be very wary of accepting what is being alleged against Trump. I do not expect to agree with every thing people I like support, but once I find that they cannot be trusted (and I can prove they are being deceptive), my ability to support other issues they support lessens. I hesitate to accept their methodology for anything if they can use subversive twists to methodology for pushing an agenda and trying to convince me deceitfully. I know you rely on people you trust, so I beg of you: do some research on your own about Trump and do not rely on reputations you have respected or have been assured you can respect. What is at stake in this election on the Republican side is a mind-boggling uncovering of chicanery, distortion and ideological naivete that stinks and will be difficult to recover from even if we can distinguish between the corrupters/liars and the naive/deceived.

    1. Been following Trump for a long time….he hasn’t changed his spots.

  13. Thanks for your comment. I would like to know whether your following Trump’s position involves seeing the full broadcast of his speeches, etc., for reading the reports of them or the excerpts broadcast on the news. That is what my original comment was about. As I said, there are many reasons to criticize Trump (some valid, some not) and I accept dissent because I try to listen to everyone and see where they are coming from so I can improve my own knowledge that I try to gather.

  14. Hi Tundra Tabloids, how can I send you an e-mail? Best, Stefan

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