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Trump Team “Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’”…….


US elections rife with Democrat fraud, Team Trump has boots on the ground digging up the evidence needed to pursue a case before the Supreme Court…


Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’

November 15, 2020 Updated: November 15, 2020

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, a Trump campaign lawyer, suggested in a Sunday interview that the president’s legal team is receiving a deluge of evidence concerning voter fraud and irregularities.


“We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states,” Powell said on Fox Business, adding that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a widespread criminal investigation.  “I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.”


Powell claimed that elections software switched “millions of votes” from President Donald Trump to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


Powell is notably the counsel to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, engineering a stunning comeback with the Department of Justice moving to drop charges.


Powell said a whistleblower has come forward alleging that the voting software was designed to “rig elections.”


“He saw it happen in other countries,” she said, apparently referring to election hardware and software by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, or perhaps other software and machines.


“We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose,” Powell said. She declined to elaborate when prompted by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.


“They can stick a thumb drive in the [voting] machine, they can upload software to it even from the Internet … from Germany or Venezuela even,” Powell said, adding that operations “can watch votes in real-time” and “can shift votes in real-time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote access anything.”


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