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US: Intervenors for Democrats in PA Lawsuit Prove Trump Campaign Claims of Fraud……


It’s as plain as the nose on your face…


Intervenors for Democrats in PA Lawsuit Prove Trump Campaign Claims of Fraud

In a stunning filing on Tuesday, November 10, potential intervenors in the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, proved one of the allegations of illegality the Trump campaign brought forth in their initial complaint against the Secretary and several boards of elections.


The Trump Campaign alleges that in contravention of election law, certain precincts reached out to mail-in and absentee voters to “cure” their ballots before election day, or fix errors that would have otherwise made their votes invalid. On page 35 of the complaint, found in full here, the Trump campaign spells out election law that was recently affirmed this year in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, as it pertains to mail-in ballots.


A large part of the case filed by the Trump campaign explains in detail how the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania sent out guidance to election boards, instructing them to ignore the law. According to the lawsuit, there was no even adherence to the law; some counties followed it, while others, namely in Democrat strongholds, did not.

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