Joe Biden

Unite Behind Biden, Not On Your Life……!


I never will…




On my walk today, I encountered an outdoor victory party in honor of Joe Biden being declared our next president by the media. A huge sign instructed neighbors to “Celebrate, Unite.”


This is a useful reminder to conservatives and Republicans that we lost this election. There’s no other realistic way to view it.


At the same time, the small number, and fairly subdued nature, of the neighborhood celebrants was more evidence that the election didn’t go as well for liberals and Democrats as they had hoped.


Biden’s election will be welcomed only by those who voted for him. And even among this group, it will not universally be celebrated.


For the rest of the nation, and certainly for anyone who is right of center, the idea of uniting behind Joe Biden is laughable. Why, after the way President Trump was treated, should any of his supporters consider uniting behind Biden? Indeed, quite apart from the treatment of Trump, how can we be expected to unite around a nastycorrupt, and dishonest president who might not even have won the votes necessary to make it to the White House under fair voting procedures and honest counting?


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