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AG Barr Just Sent In The Federal Agents To Watch Ballot Counting……


Legal means, votes cast before and on election day…


AG Barr Just Sent In The Federal Agents – Bill Is Ordering Them To Watch The 2020 Ballot Counting


Republicans and the Trump campaign are closely watching states that appear to be taking a long time finishing the vote count.


Many have worried that the process is being obscured by the campaign. Some even have claimed the fix is in.


Some were outraged as election officials kicked poll watchers out of their rooms—or even boarded-up windows.


So, Attorney General Barr is taking action to make sure all legal votes are counted:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) told prosecutors early Wednesday that armed federal agents are allowed in ballot counting centers to investigate potential voter fraud…
Three people who described the message told the Times that the 1:30 a.m. email from Richard Donoghue said the law that bans armed federal authorities from being at the polls on Election Day does not apply to polling stations and locations that are counting ballots after that day.


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