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Daniel Greenfield: Trump’s Diverse Coalition Buried Obama’s Race-Baiting Politics…….


Ex-pat Finns in Florida were overwhelmingly voting for Trump as well…


Trump’s Diverse Coalition Buried Obama’s Race-Baiting Politics

The 2020 election showed ‘racism’ accusations work only on white people.

After four years of being accused of every form of bigotry on earth (and some that have yet to be discovered), Republicans brought home the largest share of non-white voters since 1960.


The last time Republicans had numbers like these, Democrats were the segregationist party.


The Democrat plan to turn Texas red depended on organizing Latino voters. Instead Latino voters handed Trump entire counties while white suburbanites voted for Biden. The Black Lives Matter movement was meant to boost black turnout, instead black support for Trump grew.


The Colorado counties that shifted to Trump were majority Latino.


31% of Latinos, 30% of Asian Americans, and 12% of black people voted for Trump. Among black men, a shockingly unprecedented 18%, or nearly 1 in 5, cast their votes for him.


And,significantly, in the ‘Other’ category of people who are not white, but don’t fit into one of these categories on account of either being mixed race or another minority, 40% voted Trump.


28% of people who identify as gay, lesbian or transgender also voted for him.


In Florida, 47% of Latinos and 43% of Jews voted for Trump.


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