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Mollie Hemingway “Fisks” Joe Biden’s Denials of Knowledge of Son Hunter’s Business Connections…….


First, let’s got to the videotape od Tony Bobulinski holding a presser claiming Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals



Mollie Hemingway:

Says he served as Lt. in USN with high-security clearances. Since leaving, he’s been involved in international and domestic business. Says he wants to set the record straight on Joe, James, and Hunter Biden’s dealings with the China.
“I have heard Joe Biden say he’s never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family including Joe Biden.
Says he also heard Biden say that Johnson should be ashamed for suggesting that the Biden family sought to profit from their name. Says he has chats, documents, etc. that says otherwise.
Says he was told that if he went public “it will bury all of us, man,” Biden’s included. Says his limited contributions are to Democrats and that he’s not political. Says he wants true facts out to protect his name and reputation.
Explains how Bidens got interested in CEFC and how it would be capitalized with $10M. Says he agreed to become CEO of SinoHawk — Sino to represent China and Hawk to represent Beau Biden’s favorite animal.
Says on the night before Joe Biden appeared at Milliken conference, he was interested to Joe Biden. At hour-long meeting, says they discussed Biden’s history, their family business plans with China “which he was plainly familiar with at a high level”
Says on May 13, 2017, he received an email that said Hunter would hold 10% for Joe Biden. That Hunter referred to his father as “the big guy” or “my chairman.” Said it was made clear to him to only mention Joe’s role in face-to-face meetings and not in writings.
Hunter wanted $5M of the funding to go directly from CEFC to him — Bobulowski didn’t think it a good idea and Hunter got upset. Ron Johnson’s report revealed that Hunter got the money straight from the Chinese and it was not sent to SinoHawk.
He says that he’s turning it over to FBI and Johnson’s committee. Reporters ask nothing about the substance but instead who paid for him to be here. “I paid for myself.”
So to sum up, we have a former business partner of Joe and Hunter Biden saying on the record and on camera that Joe Biden has lied about his involvement in Chinese business partnerships and the media are telling us this is not a real news story.
It looks extremely bad for the Biden’s, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes whatsoever.

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