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US: Antifa Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth, Tells Him To “Cry About It” While Calling Him a N****R…….


The Left is disgusting, violent and destructive, and a national menace.


If it was a Trump supporter knocking out a black man’s teeth while calling him a N****R the media would have plastered it on their chyrons and in their news shows 24/7.


Antifa Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth for Holding Free Speech Rally While Calling Him ‘N’ Word


An Antifa counter-protester in San Francisco knocked out the front teeth of a black man who organized the Free Speech Rally and Protest on Saturday. People in the crowd can be heard yelling racial slurs at the man.


Shortly before a Free Speech Rally and Protest in San Francisco, event organizer Philip Anderson can be seen in a video tweeted by Chester Belloc helping a white man walk through an angry counter-protest filled with Antifa anarchists. As they walk through the crowd, a man wearing all black (black bloc) comes up from behind Anderson and punches him in the face.


Anderson recoils from the hit and holds his ear and jaw. A few seconds later, the man moves in again and punches Anderson in the mouth — knocking out his two front teeth. A woman in the background can be heard taunting Anderson, yelling, “Cry about it. Cry about it.”


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