ISLAM IN THE USA Islamic misogyny

US: NY imam says ‘Women are never free from the men of their family’…….


This is how Islam 101’ers (devout followers of the desert warlord Mohamed) believe and behave…


“[Women are] never free from the men of [their] family … There’s no freedom like that,” he said.
Infidel men—whom he compared to predatory wolves—cannot resist an opportunity to “filthy” Muslim women, he added.


Syracuse, NY imam: ‘Women are never free from the men of their family’

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The imam of the Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah mosque in Syracuse, New York, said in a Friday sermon earlier this month is that the greatest danger to society is the freedoms daughters are given.


In the sermon, delivered at the mosque on Oct. 2, Imam Khadar Bin Muhammad said that it was the job of men to “straighten out” the behavior of the women in their families.


He said that according to Islam, it is impermissible for a Muslim woman to live alone, that women should not work, and that fathers should regularly “check in” on their daughters at school to make sure that they are practicing Islam properly.


Warning about the dangers of social media and technology, he further said that fathers should always have control over the affairs of their daughters.


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