UNGA Elevates Three Notorious Human Rights Violating States to the UNHRC…….


Beyond parody…


The UN is a freakshow, ever since the beginning of the Cold War, and it’s only gotten worse.


US slams election of abhorrent abusers to UNHRC after China gets seat

UN Watch director: Membership should be based on a nation’s human rights records, but rarely is

The United States and Israel attacked the United Nations for its election of abusers countries to its Human Rights Council, including China, Pakistan, and Cuba.
“Today the UN General Assembly once again elected countries with abhorrent human rights records, including China, Russia, and Cuba. Venezuela was elected in 2019,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday after the UN General Assembly in New York elected 15 new members to the 47 national UNHRC based in Geneva.
Former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley tweeted in response, “the UN Human Rights Council is a total farce not worthy of its name or the United States giving it any credibility.”
Note: Russia was given a seat as well, which makes four human rights violating states elevated.

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