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Robert Spencer: Muslim Migrant ‘Ambassador of Saxony’ Beats Woman to Death…….


Same in Finland: Afghani Who Attempted to ‘Honor Murder’ Ex-Wife Boasts of His Deed to Police: “Finnish Women Have Too Many Rights”…….


Muslim Migrant ‘Ambassador of Saxony’ Beats Woman to Death

A model of migrant integration shows that old attitudes die hard.


The facts at hand presumably speak for themselves, but a trifle more vulgarly, I suspect, than facts even usually do. The German-language news outlet TAG24 reported Wednesday that a man identified only as “Edris Z.” had carried out “a coldly planned revenge murder” against his former girlfriend, a “refugee aid worker had previously denounced the Afghan-born man under the Protection Against Violence Act.” This is horrific enough, but it gets even worse: Edris Z. was in the past hailed as a model migrant, and even dubbed an “Ambassador of Saxony.”

TAG24 states that Edris emigrated from Afghanistan to Germany in 1995, that is, well before Angela Merkel initiated the mass Muslim migration that has inundated Germany in the last few years. Back in 1995, some people might even have still been so hidebound as to expect that an immigrant would strive to assimilate and adopt the customs and mores of the country that had welcomed him. And indeed, it seemed for a time as if Edris Z. was a quintessential example of an assimilated migrant. According to TAG24, in 2006, when Edris had been in Germany for eleven years, former Saxon Prime Minister Georg Milbradt dubbed him an “ambassador of Saxony,” an honor that was given to Edris as a “prime example of successful integration.” The upstanding and exemplary young man was granted German citizenship in 2015.


But “on the morning of April 8, Myriam Z. (37 years old) put on her baby carrier, carefully put her two-and-a-half-month-old daughter Ava in it, and went for a walk in the southern Auwald forest. According to the indictment, Edris Z. was also staying there. Not by chance. But with a hammer in his backpack and the plan to kill someone.” Why? Because “Edris and Myriam were once a couple. Both worked as social workers in refugee aid. The young Afghan never got over the fact that the self-confident woman separated from him at some point. According to the investigation, Edris Z. has been stalking his ex-girlfriend since then. And he became violent: When Edris Z. saw Myriam in the company of another man in August 2018, he is said to have attacked him.”


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