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Philippines: Muslim Female Planning Suicide-Homicide Attack Arrested in Pre-Dawn Raid…….


Literally the religion of (blown-up) pieces…


The urge to murder for Allah/Mohamed is strong in this one.


She is also believed to be the daughter of two suicide bombers who killed 21 people in an attack on a Catholic cathedral in Jolo early last year, it added.

Woman Planning Suicide Attack Arrested In Philippines: Military


An Indonesian woman suspected of planning a suicide bomb attack in the southern Philippines was arrested Saturday in a pre-dawn raid, the military said.


The arrest comes less than two months after a pair of female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Jolo island in the Muslim-majority Sulu province, which killed 15 people and wounded 74 others.


Security forces blamed the August 24 attack on the Abu Sayyaf militant group.


The Indonesian woman was identified as Rezky Fantasya Rullie and was the widow of an Indonesian militant killed in Sulu in August, the Joint Task Force for the restive region said in a statement.


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