Sweden: Thousands of 2015 Crisis Migrants Have Allegedly Disappeared…….


In Finland a great many of these 2015 “refugees/asylum seekers” have gone missing as well…


Sweden: Thousands of 2015 Crisis Migrants Have Allegedly Disappeared

Around 24,000 migrants who arrived during the height of the 2015 crisis are living in Sweden without permission or have disappeared, according to the migration board.


Of the 163,000 migrants who arrived in Sweden five years ago, the vast majority, 98,500, have been granted some form of residency. However, only 31,000 of those without a permit have left Sweden since 2015, leaving thousands of migrants unaccounted for.


Ten thousand migrants remain in the country with no residency permit at all. Another 14,000 have vanished, and Swedish authorities do not know where they are, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. Another 8,000 are said to be in the process of having their asylum claim decided; many of them have applied more than once.


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