Sweden: Maya intends to keep the veil – even if the veil ban becomes a reality in Skurup…….


The full veil, as opposed to just the headscarf, is a security risk…


I’m against the headscarf as it’s a sign of Islamic sharia-supremacism, it represents a direct assault against a free society and men in general. That said, like Marxist/Fascist regalia, the individual has the right to wear whatever he/she sees fit. We have a right to challenge those who them, relegating them to the marginalized fringes of society.


Maya intends to keep the veil – even if the veil ban becomes a reality in Skurup


Maya, 15 years old and from Skurup, had never used a veil before a decision was made to ban veils. Then she put on the veil in protest and she does not intend to take it off even if the ban becomes a reality.


– I think no one will take it off. It is religious freedom, she says.


At first, many questioned why she started using the veil and she received comments such as: “you should take off the veil”. 


– Before they could look at me askance but then they started talking about me and pointing. I had friends who stopped talking to me, but they were not real friends then.


Maya says that there is not as much talk about it in school now. She also does not get comments as often about her veil-wearing as last spring, but her old friends have not returned.


– It’s hard because I meet them every day and we do not talk at all anymore, she says.


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