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Daniel Greenfield: Black Lives Matter Leaders Support Violent Riots, Biden Won’t Condemn Them…….


All of this is true…


Black Lives Matter Leaders Support Violent Riots, Biden Won’t Condemn Them

If Biden won’t condemn Black Lives Matter, he supports its riots.

After the recent toll of mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioting wrecked cities and tilted the polls toward Trump, Joe Biden and even Kamala Harris began condemning “violence”.


Biden has said meaningless things like “we condemn the violence”, and “I condemn this violence unequivocally” as if violence were an independent entity. Condemning violence, like condemning war, is either pacifism or evasion. Since Biden isn’t a pacifist, he’s evading.


Violence is a concept. You don’t condemn a concept: you condemn its perpetrators.


The Democrats embraced Black Lives Matter, they even fundraised on behalf of the rioters and looters. Senator Kamala Harris tweeted out a link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund which bailed out rioters and looters, and Jaleel Stallings, who was accused of shooting at police officers.


According to police officers, Stallings had crouched near a car during the riots and opened fire on them. He faced two counts of attempted second-degree murder and the bail fund backed by Kamala Harris and several Biden staffers still bailed out the alleged wannabe cop-killer.

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