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Peter Burfeind: Why Black Lives Matter Only Empowers Racist White Leftists……


These wealthy socialist Marxists are cracking the whip within the BLM movement…


Why Black Lives Matter Only Empowers Racist White Leftists

Leftists are outing themselves as racists complicit in perpetuating systems of oppression. Maybe it’s time we started believing them.

Black Lives Matter is the operational arm of “critical race theory,” the postmodern philosophy of “critical theory” applied to race. Critical theory suffers an inescapable epistemological conundrum. It’s the Liar’s Paradox: If a Cretan says all Cretans are liars, is he to be believed?


Or, in the case of critical theory: If a theory denies objective or universal truths, claiming that the powers-that-be subconsciously construct “reality” by projecting their will to power onto the transcendent screen of axiomatic certainty, all to perpetuate structures of power in which they’re on top, then does not critical theory itself fall under that same dynamic?

Put another way, how on earth do critical theorists exempt themselves from what they say are forces at work determining what everyone else does? How on earth is critical theory itself not a quest for power by those who came up with the theory?


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