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US: Dems in Trouble After New Flynn Document Dump, Grounds For Immediate Dismissal of Case…….


Gen.Flynn was targeted by Obama in the Oval Office on fraudulent charges…


It also means that the rot within the FBI rests not just at the upper echelon of the agency but has filtered down to some in the rank and file as well.


FBI employees noted “that the decision to nsl [national security letter] finances for razor bought him time.” This shows their recognition that the issuance or request for national security letters for General Flynn’s financial information was a ruse to get more time to keep the “investigation” against him open. These Stalinist tactics mandate immediate dismissal of this case. Analysts recognized by December 5, 2016, it was not even a “logical investigative step” to seek General Flynn’s financial records at that time and that “this is a nightmare.
On that same day, analysts discussed NSLs as a pretext to buy time that also increased the risk of leaks. They also noted it was a topic that “makes no sense” since the argument was made back in August.

New Flynn Document Dump Poses Huge Trouble for Dems

“Stalinist tactics mandate immediate dismissal of this case,” Flynn’s attorneys say.

Lloyd Billingsley


In early September, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit rejected Gen. Michael Flynn’s petition for dismissal and voted 8-2 to send the case back to judge Emmet Sullivan. The judge, who rejected the Department of Justice dismissal of the case, must now consider documents Flynn’s attorneys filed with the court on Thursday.


“General Flynn has a Sixth Amendment right to a public exoneration regarding the proceedings against him,”  the documents state, “and the American people have a right to know the truth about the nefarious conduct and the people who committed it. The defense objects to any redactions and demands that the Government file these documents unredacted on the public record.”


In messages exchanged on the FBI’s “Lync” messaging system in October of 2016, FBI employees exchanged messages about the “Crossfire Road Show,” stating that they were “interested to see how this all plays out.” They knew exactly how bad it was: “I’m telling man, if this thing ever gets FOIA’d, there are going to be some tough questions asked.”


According to the documents, the “investigation” of General Flynn was first closed by November 8, 2016. The FBI agents write: “he said shut down Razor” [the operation against Flynn] and “so glad they’re closing razor,”  closing Razor.” However [redacted] “was silent though, so who knows what he will want.” Was that Andy [McCabe]?”


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