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Calling George Soros an Antisemite is a statement of fact…….


I believe that Dave Reaboi’s idea of “bookmarking” this Twitter thread by Dan is an excellent idea.


This post of mine will make it both easier to read and refer to for those who need to combat the Leftist fools out there insisting criticism of the antisemite, George Soros, is antisemitism itself. What the Left is doing is using the charge of antisemitism in much the same way as they do with the charge of racism, it’s just a means to cancel honest debate and discussion, while they provide cover for their favorite “sugar daddy”.


H/T: Dave Reaboi on Twitter:

“This thread is essential. Bookmark it and shove it down their throats. When you hear someone say criticism of George Soros is antisemitic, tell them to f* off; you’re not having a conversation in good faith.”



It’s time to set the record straight about George Soros. Seems every time people on the right dare to criticize Soros, they are bombarded with accusations of “anti-Semitism” from the ADL and other Jewish and leftwing orgs. So let’s discuss Soros and anti-Semitism, shall we? Soros-funded groups have contributed to the rise of anti-Semitism in the US in 3 ways.
1. Soros-funded groups have advocated, promoted or enabled the rise of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS is NOT about pressuring Israel to change policies. BDS is about destroying Israel – which makes it deeply anti-Semitic.
2. Soros-funded groups have enabled the rise of a new group of anti-Semites – Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib. Apart from David Duke or Farrakhan, they are the most infamous anti-Semites in the US. Instead of condemning them & relegating them to the fringes of US politics, many leftwing groups, incl. Soros-funded groups, have defended them, funded them, embraced them & “normalized” them. When anti-Semites are normalized, anti-Semitism is normalized.
3. Some Soros-funded groups embraced the “Deadly Exchange” campaign, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory accusing Israel of training US police to brutalize African-Americans. This contributes to increased anti-Semitism in the black community. Let’s examine each of these further. The group most responsible for anti-Semitic events on college campuses is “Students for Justice in Palestine.” SJP is “aided by a network of pro-BDS NGO’s that provide funding, guidance, training & legal assistance.” 3 NGO’s are directly funded by Soros. The Soros-funded “American Friends Service Committee” is a leader in BDS campaigns on campuses & churches in the US and provides training and assistance to SJP. AFSC and SJP are 2 of 6 US BDS groups that were banned in Israel.


AFSC’s website recommends “aligning your investments with your values,” and divesting from “harmful institutions of state violence.” It includes a database of companies involved in: “The Prisons Industry” “Illegal Occupations” “Border Militarization.”


AFSC recommends divesting from companies involved in Israel’s: “Settlement Industry” “Exploitation of Natural Resources” “Wall & Checkpoints” Weapons & Military Equipment.”


Dalit Baum, director of AFSC’s Middle East program, created “Who Profits?” – an online database with information on Israeli firms to target for BDS. “Baum lobbies international audiences on how best to promote the global BDS campaign against Israel.” (OSF)


The Soros funded “Center for Constitutional Rights” and the “National Lawyers Guild” provide legal services to SJP and the BDS movement. CCR and NLG created “Palestine Legal,” which also defends SJP and advances BDS on college campuses.


In 2012, the ACLU wrote a letter to the Obama Education Dept. to shut down an investigation of anti-Semitic harassment at Berkeley. In 2016, the ACLU threatened legal action against the UCLA Graduate Student Association for refusing to fund BDS events. (Daily Wire)


Soros-funded Amnesty International has a long history of obsessively criticizing Israel, denying Jewish history & Jewish ties to holy sites in Jerusalem & West Bank and “is among the leaders of BDS campaigns.” (NGO Monitor)


In 2015, Soros-funded Amnesty International co-sponsored a US speaking tour for Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi, who falsely accused Israel of detaining Palestinian children to harvest their organs and accused Zionists of controlling the media. (NGO Monitor)


Soros-funded Human Rights Watch is a “powerful NGO, with a massive budget, close links to Western govts, and significant influence in int’l institutions.” HRW disproportionately criticizes Israel, lobbies the UN & ICC against Israel and promotes BDS. (NGO MOnitor)


Soros-funded Human Rights Watch had issued a series of reports advocating boycotts & sanctions against Israel. In 2016, HRW hired BDS activist Omar Shakir, who worked for Soros-funded CCR and visited US universities to promote BDS. (NGO Monitor)


In 2010, Soros announced a grant of $100 million over 10 years to Human Rights Watch. (Open Society foundations)


Soros donated $300K to EIRIS Foundation to build a “Business in Occupied Lands” database, which focuses on Crimea and “Palestine.” This database has been used to boost the BDS movement. (Daily Caller)


Avaaz is a global online network created by Soros-funded Res Publica and MoveOn whose activities include online “petitions, funding media campaigns, emailing and lobbying govts.” Avaaz is hostile to Israel and initiates BDS campaigns and petitions. (NGO-Monitor)


In Feb 2019, Israel released a report documenting the ties between some BDS groups and terrorist orgs. For example, the leader of the Soros-funded NGO Al-Haq had been a member of the terrorist org “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” (Algemeiner) In April, 2019 the Soros-funded Arab American Institute invited BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti to visit the US to: speak at AAI about BDS at an event co-sponsored with Jewish Voice for Peace meet w/ members of Congress & staff speak at Harvard & NYU. (


Omar Barghouti: “A Jewish state in Palestine in any form … ought to be opposed categorically….We oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine. No Palestinian, rational Palestinian, sell-out Palestinian, will ever accept a Jewish state in Palestine.” (Jewish Virtual Library)


After the Trump adm denied entry to Barghouti, several Soros-funded groups protested, incl the ACLU, PEN America, Al-Haq and the Arab American Institute. (


Soros-funded Democracy Now, a BDS-friendly far left news program, has interviewed Barghouti on their show, as well as other BDS supporters such as Angela Davis & Roger Waters. (


One of the Women’s March partners funded by Soros was singer Harry Belafonte’s “Gathering for Justice” group, where WM leader Carmen Perez was executive director. Belafonte is a supporter of BDS. (


Acc to the Soros-funded pro-BDS “Institute for Middle East Understanding,” singer Harry Belafonte endorsed BDS along with other celebrities: actor Danny Glover, singer Pete Seeger, musician Roger Waters, author Cornel West and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (


Soros-funded JStreet is a Jewish group that claims to be anti-BDS, but actually enables BDS by co-sponsoring events with SJP on campus. JStreet reinforced BDS messages by making false accusations against Israel to students who know little about Israel. (


In Dec 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order to combat anti-Semitism on college campuses. The EO was modeled after the bipartisan “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,” which was stuck in Congress due to opposition from various leftwing groups. (


The following Soros-funded groups opposed the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act:” ACLU Arab American Anti-Discrimination Comm Arab American Institute American Friends Service Comm Center for Constitutional Rights Institute for Middle East Understanding JStreet National Lawyers Guild


For several decades, US & Israeli police have participated in exchange programs sponsored by the ADL & Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange where they share info on counter-terrorism, bomb disposal, community policing and leadership training.


NOTE: In response to someone commenting that Soros is in fact an antisemite, Dan says:

I am totally disgusted by what I’m seeing today on twitter. American Jews calling Trump, the most pro-Jewish President in US history, an antisemite. Also, I see American Jews defending George Soros, who actually is an antisemite. It’s appalling.

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