Israel Middle East Peace Plans

Israel sign peace treaties between UAE, Bahrain on White House lawn…….


This is a momentous occasion that only the Trump Admin could have pulled off…


The peace treaties between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel are signed

Netanyahu: ‘Treaty could end Arab-Israel conflict once and for all’

WASHINGTON DC – Marking the “dawn of a new Middle East”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed on Tuesday historic and groundbreaking normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the third and fourth ever between Israel and Arab states.

“This is an incredible day for the world,” said US President Donald Trump at the start of the ceremony.

The courage of the Israeli and Arab leaders has enabled these countries “to take a major stride toward a future where people of all faiths live together in peace and prosperity,” Trump said.

The text of the peace Accord with the UAE and the declaration of peace with Bahrain was not made available to the public before the signing. Among the details Israeli officials divulged before the signing ceremony were that the agreements would not go into effect until the Israeli cabinet ratified them, and UAE officials said there would be references to a two-state solution.

The president added that the Abraham Accords – as he has called them – open the door for Muslim, Jews and Christians “to live together, pray together and dream together.” He emphasized that Muslims from around the world would be to visit the holy sites in Israel, including the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu spoke next, reminding the audience that the Jews have prayed for peace for thousands of years and the citizens of Israel have for decades. The day “brings hope to all of the children of Abraham,” he said.

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